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Most In Touch EMR users have switched over to us from another physical therapy EMR. At a given time, hundreds of physical therapists are in touch with our sales team, as they deliberate between In Touch EMR and other vendors. Visit\n

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Skilled physical therapy documentation

Skilled Physical Therapy Documentation – In Touch EMR Vs

OptimisPT Physical Therapy Software

Most In Touch EMR users have switched over to us from another physical therapy EMR. At a

given time, hundreds of physical therapists are in touch with our sales team, as they deliberate

between In Touch EMR and other vendors.

We have a great deal of respect for our competitors and, in the end, want to work with clients

whom we are best suited for. The good news is - there are a lot of emr and billing software

choices, and most of them are really good products.

We were recently the subject of an article on physical therapy software comparisons, where

we were compared to another product, OptimisPT Physical Therapy Software. This fair and

in-depth analysis illustrated the power of both products, but inevitably showcased why In Touch

EMR has rapidly emerged as the trusted leader in physical therapy documentation in 2016.

Data, Compliance and Security

In Touch EMR is certified by ICSA Labs, an Office of the

National Coordinator - Authorized Certification Body (ONC-

ACB) and is compliant and in accordance with applicable

criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services


As far as we can tell, other products like OptimisPT physical

therapy software also use high-quality security protocols and

take necessary back-ups of data, but others have not gone

through the rigorous testing and security and compliance

checks that In Touch EMR has.

In Touch EMR is one of the few vendors in the rehabilitation space to be listed on the Certified

Health IT Product List. OptimisPT physical therapy offers data backups, but nothing to match

the level of protocols and security procedures required for certification by the Federal office of

the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Skilled physical therapy documentation

No other vendor can make this claim, and they generally won't bring this up (in some cases, out

of ignorance) mostly because this is not a mandatory certification, it is optional and requires a

significant investment of time and effort. This certification is a sign of our commitment to a

HIPAA compliant, secure and stable EMR system for your clinic.

If you ever get audited, the fact that you are using ONC-certified EHR technology (CEHRT) will

work in your favor. CMS looks favorably on the use of CEHRT since HHS is trying to encourage

the adoption of CEHRT amongs providers nationwide as part of a long term push towards

electronic documentation and interoperability between EMR systems. Your practice can state

that it carefully vetted and selected "a rehabilitation-specific vendor that passed all of the ONC

HIT 2014 Edition EHR Certification criteria required to satisfy the Base EHR definition"

Since In Touch EMR has been very proactive at staying at the forefront of emerging guidelines

for EMR vendors, you are assured higher quality, higher security and more compliance with

CMS and other payer regulations.

For more information about the ONC, please visit

In Touch EMR is one of the only EMR vendors in the

rehabilitation space to pass all the 2014 Edition EHR

Certification criteria required to satisfy the Base EHR

Definition as stated by the Office of the National

Coordinator for Health Information Technology, as listed


In Touch EMR is on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) website.

Skilled physical therapy documentation

The product is listed here:

100% Therapist Owned Company - Founding Group of Respected Industry Leaders With a

Strong Reputation

Peace of mind also comes from knowing that the people you're trusting with your scheduling

documentation, and billing solutions have hands-on knowledge of what it means to be a PT.

In Touch EMR was founded by Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT and his wife (Who is also a physical

therapist). Nitin is actively involved in the daily operations of the company, and has been a

trusted resource in physical therapy software, marketing, and business growth. He is the

founder of Referral Ignition, a practice building program that has rescued physical therapy

clinics on the brink of bankruptcy and brought them to new levels of success.

Transparent Pricing Model - No Hidden Surprises and Add-Ons

OptimisPT's pricing for web-based physical therapy EMR software is based on an entry level

monthly charge and then on additional visits.

We're sure it works for some people, but for us, a simple, inexpensive, easy to understand price

is what practice owners need. Why guess your bill when you relax, and be assured that it's

going to be low-cost with high value, with prices going down as you grow. With In Touch EMR,

you pay $49 per month per provider. This also includes some fantastic features such as

marketing integration, email appointment reminders, and faxing directly through the system.

At In Touch EMR, we charge a flat fee per licensed clinician (no hidden fees or surprises) and it

includes everything, unlimited claims and notes and infinite custom template creation.

Skilled physical therapy documentation

We are also a CMS recognized PQRS registry, we automate the reporting of PQRS and

Functional Limitation G codes and provide automatic alerts for plan of care expirations,

authorizations, progress note reminders and KX modifier alerts.

Relentless Support - Phone, Live Chat and Email from 9 am EST to 7 pm EST

Clients get self-paced video training program on how to get up and running, custom

documentation template builder, iPad app - one touch document import, Instant Intake iPad app,

unlimited patient manager and patient portal.

Every license unlimited ongoing support (phone / email / live chat), billing software integration,

unlimited appointments, unlimited documentation, unlimited document uploads and unlimited

electronic faxing.

In Touch EMR's allows users to create their own skilled physical therapy documentation

template. Users can create custom templates for upper body, lower body, gait training, red cord

testing, manual therapy and much more. It is fast, simple and easy to use, allowing clinicians to

decide what questions are appropriate and necessary.

In Touch EMR and OptimisPT both integrate scheduling, billing, and documentation, but In

Touch EMR's ability to allow the user-creation of custom templates for notes, along with auto

text technology. This sets the stage for faster physical therapy documentation, which means

your clinicians are more likely to finalize notes right away. Finalized notes mean submitted

claims – which means your clinic makes money.

While OptimisPT Physical Therapy Software offers somewhat flexible billing and integration, In

Touch EMR offers all of this and more.

A dedicated support manager who knows you and your clinic's needs, note templates built just

for you, and cheaper, easier to understand bills make In Touch EMR the right choice.

Skilled physical therapy documentation

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