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Physical therapy

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Clinical Electrophysiology This specialty area encompasses electrotherapy/physical agents, electrophysiological evaluation (EMG/NCV), physical agents, and wound management. Physical therapy.

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physical therapy

Clinical Electrophysiology

This specialty area encompasses electrotherapy/physical agents, electrophysiological evaluation (EMG/NCV), physical agents, and wound management.

Physical therapy


Definition ; physical therapy is defined as the treatment or management of physical disabilities , malfunction , pain by exercises massage , hydrotherapy etc . Without the use of medicine , surgery , or radiation .

evolution of physiotherapy
Evolution of physiotherapy
  • The profession of physiotherapy in united states developed during world war 1 between 1914 to 1917 . This development was in response to the need to treat the soldiers injuries as a result of world war .
  • The first physical therapy graduated from reed college & Walter reed hospital and were known as reconstruction aides . These individuals underwent training to perform physical therapy services

In 1921 this new group of health care providers physical therapists decided to form a professional organizations for physical therapists & called as THE AMERICAN WOMENS PHYSICAL THERAPEUTIC ASSOCIATION & the first president was Mary mc millan ,by end of 1930 the name was changed to American physiotherapy association


This dynamic evolution made the physical therapist develop educational & training program that lead to physical therapy becoming a profession .

One of the greatest hallmark in physical therapy came in 1967 when amendments to the social security act added definition for out patients physiotherapy services , from that time onwards this profession has continued to expand treatment areas & led to need for specializations .

applications of physical therapy
Applications of physical therapy
  • Clinical electrophysiology
  • Geriatric
  • Integumentary
  • Neurological
  • Orthopedic
  • Pediatric
  • Sports
  • Women's health


  • Oncology
  • Research
  • Private practice

Today the profession of physical therapy has evolved to treat not only multiple types of diverse injuries but also to prevent the rehabilitation associated with multitude of disease processes

today s physiotherapy
Today's physiotherapy
  • It is common practice for physiotherapist s to receive physician referrals that simply prescribe evaluate & treat as indicated , thus physicians no longer dictating specifically what the physical therapist should do with a patient but rather leaving the evaluation & treatment decisions to knowledge ,judgment & discretion of physiotherapist

This growth & elevating responsibility in patient care has led to develop a direction for this continual growth known as vision 2020 .

  • It requires all physiotherapists to renew their commitment to the profession to develop a greater understanding of risk management

Physiotherapists will be recognized by consumers & health care professionals as practioners to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of interventions for & preventions of impairments functional limitations & disabilities related to movements ,function & health .


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