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Manya Basti therapy treatment in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Manya Basti therapy treatment in India

Manya Basti therapy treatment in India

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Manya Basti therapy treatment in India

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  1. Manya Basti Therapy What is Manya Basti? Manya Basti Effective Treatment Neck Pain means neck and Basti is the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn. So the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn on the cervical or the neck region is called Manyabasti.

  2. Benefits of Manya Basti 1. It is useful in cervical spondylosis.2. It is useful in cervical pain.3. It is beneficial in the numbness of the neck region and tingling sensation and numbness of hands.

  3. What is the Therapeutic Procedure? Poorvakarma (Pre-Procedure) of Basti: The thorough examination of the patient is done before administration of basti. Examination gives the idea of what kind of oil or decoction should be used for the basti, and also to decide the proportion of the medicine to be used. Pradankarma (Main Procedure) of Basti After completion of snehan and swedan, the patient is advised to sleep in left lateral position with left leg extended and right leg flexed close to the abdomen. Post Procedure of Basti Once the basti is out of the patient’s body he is advised to rest for a while and then given a bath with warm water.

  4. Manya Basti at Parijatak Ayurveda Parijatak Ayurveda is one of the most well-equipped centers who provide the therapies of Ayurveda in the most authentic way. With a team of experienced doctors and medical staff, the center is very efficient in giving Manya Basti for neck pain and performing all Ayurvedic therapies in the right way. Talk to Parijatak and find out how to book your appointment if you want the natural remedy for neck pain.

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  6. Contact Us • SHANKAR BRANCH : • 154, Shankar Nagar, Near Garden, Nagpur-440010(INDIA) • Phone No : +91-9607957777 , 7263807777 • Mobile No : +91-9923200007 • Email : , • Helpline : 9209107777 • KHAMLA BRANCH : • 19, Kotwal Nagar, Khamla Square, Nagpur 440025 (INDIA) • Phone No : +91-9607187777 • Email : , • Helpline : 9209107777