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IVF Treatment in India

Surrogate Mother in India and IVF Treatment in India and at IFC IVF Clinics New Delhi by Dr. Rita Bakshi for Successful Affordable Cost Fertility Treatments.

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IVF Treatment in India

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  1. Celebrate a happy parenthood with the help of Gestational Surrogacy India

  2. Traditional Surrogacy vs. Gestational Surrogacy – Which is better for you.? http://gestationalsurrogacyindia.com/

  3. What Happened in Gestational surrogacy? Gestational Surrogacy, also known as the host method, happens when the eggs of another woman have been fertilized and the resulting embryo put into the uterus of the surrogate. In general, you and your partner will experience an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) to generate an embryo that is biologically yours. If this is not possible owing to the nature of your FERTILITY problem, you could also make use of donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. Your embryo will subsequently be put in the uterus of a gestational carrier, who will take the baby to term. When the child is born, the carrier will turn the baby over to you and sign her parental rights. Usually, gestational carrier arrangements are set up either as independent adoptions, in states where they are legal, or MORE commonly by contracts arranged through agencies. Some physicians focus in working with gestational carriers and could help you in making an arrangement. Most likely, you will be deeply involved in the pregnancy. http://gestationalsurrogacyindia.com/2014/07/traditional-surrogacy-vs-gestational-surrogacy-which-is-better-for-you/

  4. Advantages to Gestational Surrogacy • The emotional link between the surrogate and the child is not as strong as it could be if the child was genetically her own. • With this method, an intended mother who was able to offer her own eggs would have a biological link to any resultant children. • There is also the aptitude to make use of an older surrogate as the eggs provided for in vitro fertility will be from a much younger source.

  5. Cost to Gestational Surrogacy helps one have Efficient Surrogacy Treatment Gestational Surrogacy India is proud to make available a full line of surrogacy and egg donation programs. On the whole, the cost for gestational surrogacy, including all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and medical and insurance costs, truly depends on the program an intended one comes to choose. couple-baby Standard programs differ in the source of the egg donation, IVF insurance coverage, legal needs and the other circumstances. Optional components could add 5-10% to the costs, and we also put forward that clients let for 10-15% possible variable and the costs above their standard program estimates, to permit for unanticipated developments. At Gestational Surrogacy India, Surrogacy financing options are available in the country. http://gestationalsurrogacyindia.com/cost/

  6. Gestational Surrogacy India www.gestationalsurrogacyindia.com • Tel: +91 84475-92299, +91-92105-65782 • Email Us: possible@gestationalsurrogacyindia.com • Connect with us on – https://www.facebook.com/gestationalsurrogacyindia

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