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Conquering. Fear. Presented by Lorna Morrison. Conquering. Fear. How many of you allow fear to:. Run your life? Influence the choices you make? Control how you think?. &. To successfully conquer fear you must: . Know how to see your fears for what they really are.

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  1. Conquering Fear Presented by Lorna Morrison

  2. Conquering Fear

  3. How many of you allow fear to: • Run your life? • Influence the choices you make? • Control how you think?

  4. &

  5. To successfully conquer fear you must: • Know how to see your fears for what they really are. • Understand how your brain processes fear and then change the process. • Learn how to use fear to your advantage to move forward into a life filled with love.

  6. The first step to conquering fear is… Knowing how to see fear

  7. Your perception of reality is distorted by the Lens of your FEAR

  8. Let’s take a look at the fear of SNAKES? More people die each year from falling down the stairs than from snake bites!

  9. We spend too much time being afraid of the wrong things! Maybe you have a fear of DUCKS? Anatidaephobia is an irrational and pervasive fear that one is being watched by a duck Anatidaephobia

  10. Take SHARKS, for an example… The odds of dying from a shark attack are about 1 in 251,800,000).

  11. There is a dichotomy here… How many of you would even think about being afraid of VENDING MACHINES? You are four times more likely to die from a vending machine tipping over on you than from a shark attack! …the things we think are dangerous are usually the most harmless and the things we see as harmless are the MOST dangerous of ALL!

  12. For example, Roller Coasters are meant to be scary But just because something is scary doesn’t mean that it’s not safe. In fact, when something feels safe, we are much more likely to take risks that could result in serious consequences. When we perceive something is scary, we take more precaution.

  13. Knowing how to see fear helps us to better understand fear

  14. Can you think of examples of things that are seemingly harmless or “safe”, but are ultimately quite dangerous or harmful? Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

  15. FEAR is simply… False Emotions Appearing Real • You can overcome any fear by placing one foot after another with unswerving and steadfast resolution and determination. • Purposeful action will always prevail over passive inaction. • Confucius said, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

  16. Parable of the Zip Line My subconscious tried to use fear to force me to stay in my comfort zone. Being surrounded by loving and supportive like-minded people helped me to keep going. I had to make up my mind to keep moving forward, one step at a time, in spite of my fear. I had to trust my safety line. As I continued to move forward, my perception of reality became more clear…there was noting to fear and there never was…the fear was always only in my mind.

  17. It was empowering to me because it helped me to see ALL fear in a new way. My experience with the zip line was about way more than just overcoming a fear of heights. • I learned to face fear with my • eyes • wide • open

  18. FIRST LessonBe willing to take RISKS Progress always involves risk. Know and embrace that taking the jump may be uncomfortable as you let go of your current place of familiarity. You can’t stay the same AND change at the same time. Transform your fear into EXCITEMENT Excitement is merely FEAR with the brakes on!

  19. SECOND LessonFear can only be conquered when you stay focused in the PRESENT The past is over and there is nothing you can do to change it. It no longer exists, except as a memory in your mind. The only thing that is real is what is happening NOW! The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted. Do you often crucify yourself between two thieves…regret for yesterday and fear for tomorrow? • Life is a sequence of moments called NOW

  20. The events of our past have a definite purpose for our lives • When you learn from the past, it prepares you for the future. • When you are prepared, you will never fear. • The future hasn’t happened yet, so it’s not even real! • Why should you waste your time fearing things that aren’t even real?

  21. The most dangerous thing you can do… If I had not conquered my fear that day as I climbed the ladder up to the Zip Line, I would have never discovered how powerful I truly am! What opportunities have you lost out on because you played it safe?

  22. Fear Serves an Important Purpose • It keeps you safe and helps you to survive. • It triggers the flight, fight, or freeze reaction as a means of trying to protect you. • How do YOU react when faced with fear?

  23. Understand Your Brain Change How You Process Fear

  24. How can you change how you behave the next time fear strikes? There are lots of reasons why we may have a fear in the first place. The event didn’t cause the fear, it’s what your brain BELIEVES about the event based on YOUR PERCEPTIONS. Understanding how your brain works can help you learn how to change your thoughts and perceptions so you will be able to see your experiences in a very different way.

  25. How the Brain Works Our brain is composed of two parts… • The Functions of the Conscious Brain are: • Reasoning and critical thinking • Making decisions • Short-term memory • Take in information through five senses • Imagination Conscious Mind (10%) Sub-Conscious Mind (90%)

  26. How the Brain Works Our brain is composed of two parts… • The Sub-Conscious Brain: • Responsible for all automatic life-sustaining functions, such as our heartbeat and breathing. • Acts as center for our emotions • Controls 96%-98% of our perceptions and behaviors • Sees in pictures and patterns • Believes everything is true • Believes everything is real • Believes everything is now Conscious Mind (10%) Sub-Conscious Mind (90%)

  27. How the Brain Works As data enters our conscious mind, we can choose to… …or REJECT the idea …or create an entirely NEW IDEA! ACCEPT the idea… Conscious Mind (10%) ? ? Sub-Conscious Mind (90%)

  28. Psycho Cybernetic Mechanism (PCM) Reticular Activating System The PCM is an important part of your brain. It could be compared to the thermostat in your house. Its primary function is to keep you in your comfort zone and to maintain your current sub-conscious programming. Amygdala

  29. Reticular Activating System (RAS) The RAS acts as a filter. Filtered data is passed to conscious to be accepted or rejected. Conscious has 3 seconds to decide what to do with data. Repetition and strong emotion can push data through the filter. RAS

  30. AMYGDALA ALARM Amygdala Acts as the early warning system in your brain that detects real or perceived danger. When it perceives you have stepped out of your comfort zone, it orders the release of stress hormones, which causes you to have doubt, fear or anxiety. You respond by stepping back into your comfort zone Emotion Center of the Brain

  31. We need to be aware of what is in our sub-conscious minds because… • The ideas in our subconscious are passed to our body where the results are displayed. • These results are our behaviors, our overall health, how we feel about ourselves, and how people perceive us, to name a few.

  32. The results will ALWAYS be in perfect harmony with what is in our subconscious!

  33. ME: I’m going to conquer my fear of heights by going on the zip line! How it all works in real life… My Brain RAS: This goal does not match with self image. DENIED. Proceed with normal behaviors and thought patterns. RAS

  34. PCM:Good job, RAS. We are still within our normal self-image limits. AMYGDALA ALARM My Brain PCM RAS:Amygdala is on alert, but there is no present danger. All is well. RAS

  35. PCM:Amygdala, quickly, sound the alarm! AMYGDALA ALARM My Brain PCM RAS:Holy Smokes! I don’t know how this happened. She’s actually got this idea in her brain! RAS

  36. AMYGDALA:Don’t do it! It’s too dangerous! Turn back! You know you can’t do this! AMYGDALA ALARM My Brain PCM RAS: Wow! Amygdala is totally freaking out! RAS

  37. PCM: I’m sorry Lorna. I can’t allow you to do this. It is not consistent with your programming. AMYGDALA ALARM PCM: I will now engage automatic overdrive for course correction. My Brain PCM RAS

  38. One of the ways you can change your brain is to… Use Fear to Your ADVANTAGE

  39. How can you use fear to your advantage? Use fear as an opportunity to SLOW DOWN and carefully ASSESS the situation. Fear is a natural response to unfamiliar experiences…EXPECT IT! Learn to see fear as a potential OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH. Fear is a signal you’re “on to” something really BIG… PAY ATTENTION! If you want to learn more and learn faster, take more risks and push yourself to FEEL MORE FEAR! Fear makes you aware of what really matters to you.

  40. Emotions are used to get your attention to DO SOMETHING Fear is a CALL TO ACTION! Ask yourself, “What action is this fear calling me to make?” Fear can become a great tool to teach you how to be more connected to your own inner wisdom.

  41. Fear WORKS! THANK your fear and feel grateful it is working for you. Check which purpose your fear is serving, and then HONOR your fear by taking the next action step to propel you forward. Use fear as a tool to do the things in life that really matter.

  42. What did you learn today that was of the most benefit to you? Discussion and Review

  43. Thank You • As I prepared this presentation, I realized I would only have time to share with you just the tip of the iceberg. • I have so much more I could teach you and many wonderful tools I would like to give you to help you in your journey. • If you would like to learn more about conquering fear, I am currently preparing a full day seminar. I’d love to have you there. • Visit my web site and register to receive notification of upcoming trainings and special offers. www.innerghealing.com

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