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  1. Fear Made By: Abdullah Al-Qatami Mohammed Murad

  2. Why Fear ?? We have chosen this topic because almost all people worldwide share some different types of fears towards certain issues . In this research, we will explain fear, and the types of fear. Also ,we will suggest helpful solutions to the fear problem.

  3. We wanted to find…. We wanted to find out what is fear , what does fear do , what are the types of fear and how to get rid of fear ?.

  4. What did we do ? We interviewed 47 students in G7,G8 and G9 through a questionnaire (17 Female students and30 Male students). • We interviewed Dr. Omar Al-Farouq, A Psychotherapist Consultant. • And we researched more about fear.

  5. First, Fear, is unpleasant feeling that pushes the human to confuse his life generally, Fear is completely natural and helps people to recognize and respond to dangerous situations and threats. But sometime we should or we must go to someone when the fear is overreacted .

  6. Second, There are many types of fear : • Natural Fear, which is normal. • Unnatural Fear (sickness fear), which is a dangerous. • Genetic Fear, which comes with genes from parents .

  7. Q1. Do you Fear ? It seems that most of students face fear issues, while just 9% of students (Female and Male) don’t encounter fear issues. Results of questionnaire:

  8. Q2. What fear do you have ? (More Then One Choice) Most of Students interviewed fear from gothic and animals; some students fear from their schools; and a small group of them fear from their families.

  9. Q3.If you have a fear, how does it affect you? • Most of students say their hearts beat fast , their bodies shake , and they shout and cry . • While some of students run for somebody or open the lights if it was dark.

  10. Q4.How do you cope with your fear? • Most of students pray for God and remember that God is with them with his power and his hearing . • Also, some of students try to forget it and some of them run away.

  11. Q5.Have you ever gone to someone to help you with your fear? • It seems that two thirds have gone to someone for help while one third have not sought help.

  12. Q5. Who did you go to for help? • It seems that students mostly go to their siblings and close friend to help them with their fear. In some cases, religious persons or psychologists are sought for help.

  13. Q6.Did your fear change as you grow up? • The graph shows that there are no difference between the males and females and it shows that for most of them their fears change while for one third nothing happed with their fear.

  14. Q7.How did your fear change? • Two-thirds of students (male and female) have their fear decrease through time or after getting help. • While one third have their fear increase.

  15. Recommendations: • Remember that God is always there to protect us • Be strong and encourage ourselves that nothing deserves to be feared of • Seek medical or family help if the problem persists or increase with time

  16. Conclusion: Fear is a normal feeling among students. Seeking medical or family help is our suggested solution for permanent fear issues. It is very dangerous to keep the fear inside and let it grow as it might become a sickness through time, and most probably it will affect our day-to-day activities.

  17. This Research was Supervised by: • Dr.Gene Jongsma • T.Suhail Buzaian

  18. Special Thanks for: • Omar Bin Al-Khattab Prep. School • Dr.Gene Jongsma • T.Suhail Buzaian

  19. The End Thank you For Watching this preentation.