developmental local government putting local government at the heart of development n.
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Developmental Local Government: putting local government at the heart of development PowerPoint Presentation
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Developmental Local Government: putting local government at the heart of development

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Developmental Local Government: putting local government at the heart of development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developmental Local Government: putting local government at the heart of development. Commonwealth Local Government Forum Dr. Didas John Massaburi Mayor of Dar es salaam and ALAT Chairman Munyonyo Conference Centre, Kampala 13 th – 19 th May 2013.

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developmental local government putting local government at the heart of development
Developmental Local Government: putting local government at the heart of development

Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Dr. Didas John Massaburi

Mayor of Dar es salaam and ALAT Chairman

Munyonyo Conference Centre, Kampala

13th – 19th May 2013

context and concept of developmental local government
Context and Concept of Developmental Local Government
  • Main characteristics of developmental LG:
    • Exercising powers and discharging functions in a manner which maximises their impact on social development and economic growth;
    • playing an integrating and coordinating role to ensure alignment between public (including all spheres of government) and private investment within the LG area;
    • democratising development; and building social capital through providing community leadership and vision, and
    • seeking to empower marginalised and excluded groups within the community
tanzania context on dev tal lg
Tanzania context on Dev’tal LG
  • Article 6 of the Constitution provides:
    • The United Republic of Tanzania is a state which adheres to the principles of democracy and social justice and accordingly –
      • (a) sovereignty resides in the people and it is from the people thatthe Government through this Constitution shall derive all its power and authority;
      • (b) the primary objective of the Government shall be the welfare ofthe people;
      • (c) the Government shall be accountable to the people; and
      • (d) the people shall participate in the affairs of their Government in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution

Article 146 provides that the role of LG include:

    • The purpose of having local government authorities is to transfer authority to the people. LG shall have the right and power to participate, and to involve the people, in the planning and implementation of development programmes;
    • The role of LG is among other to consolidate democracy within its area and to apply it to accelerate the development of the people.  
developmental local government
  • Developmental Local Government is the right strategic choice for the social development and economic growth.
  • Strategy is all about options… e.g. choose to put money in the people’s pocket to finance your LA or do business to finance your LA?
  • The best leader must be able to choose the right strategy for development…
l eadership tools used by local authorities
Leadership tools used by Local Authorities
  • Association and alliance building.
  • Governance reforms.
  • ‘Visioning’ processes.
  • Special agencies.
  • Common Brand platforms.
  • catalytic ‘mega-projects’.
  • PPPs and financial engineering.
  • Communications and advocacy.
  • Strategic and long term planning
local economic development is a system with an integrated process
Local Economic Development is a system with an integrated process…

National economy and Macro-economic framework


Feedback effects

Social Development and Economic growth


Use of resources


Innovation & creativity

Industrial structure

Business ownership & mgt

Human capital

Environ mgt



Business environment & investment

Educational and research base

Land and physical infrastructure

Social/ cultural infrastructure & quality of life

Ecological base

Governance structure


core features of local strategic plans
Core features of local strategic plans
  • Shaping future growth management.
  • Clear framework for market development and public investment.
  • Based on foresight and evidence.
  • Incentivising external investment. Combines internal and external rates of returns. Overcomes apparent tensions. Value creation and internalisation.
  • Setting standards and measurable targets.
  • Guiding other strategies and frameworks.
  • Integrated Efforts, Mixture of tools, cross cutting issues.
  • Agreement between tiers of Government, providing decisive outcome. Conformity.
  • Consultation with stakeholders.
  • Investment and Implementation arrangements.
  • Governance. Strengthens roles of different bodies to ensure fund availability – putting the money to people’s pockets to finance the LA.
tanzania experience
Tanzania Experience
  • Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) – A project Financed by the World Bank for Poverty Reduction at Community Level – LG provide leadership and community identify and implement projects;
  • Institutional Strengthening of ALAT and Community Based Natural Resource Management – The Case of Communities of Suledo (forest reserve), Burunge (Wildelife and tourism management), Latema and Mwitija (Water services). The annual revenue collection has been increasing year by year coupled with job creation and environment protection. The Project is supported by the Sida.
  • Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED): Collaboration btn Federation of Canadian Municipalities and ALAT: core components: Municipal International Cooperation (Tanzania and Canadian Municipal Partnership) and Association Capacity Building (ACB) ALAT and LGMA of British Columbia partnership on capacity: Objectives: Improved economic services by LG; influencing National policy and legal changes on LED; regional and global sharing of best practice and experiences;

Green economy projects in Dar es Salaam

Waste management

Urban Agriculture

Dar Rapid Transit (DART)



Case of Kisiwani Environmental Group (KEG) Waste Recycling

  • Trained KEG in waste recycling and composting
  • Procured protective clothing, waste recycling equipment such as shredder (for cutting organic waste); sieve for the compost
  • KEG separates plastics and organic waste into compost
  • Ardhi University tests quality of compost ( nutrients e.g. potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus) and heavy metals e.g. lead.
  • Facilitated development of database on customers saved
dart project

This is a high value project in the City of Dar es salaam to be implemented in six phases

Implementation started in 2011with the following benefits:

  • Provisions for pedestrians and cycling
  • Environmental protections and City beautification
  • Employment opportunities to more that 80,000 in phase one which has already started
  • Provisions for people with disability, children and the elderly

Lessons from LED projects in DAR

Collaboration between local government & NGOs useful to combine practical experiences from other cities e.g. Durban

Collaboration with Universities and other higher learning institutions in waste management important for expertise e.g. testing compost; quality and documenting market

Collaboration with the Private Companies through PPP arrangements for major infrastructure construction and management

Collaboration with Communities through PCP arrangements for the greening services

local solutions

More little do-able things can create sustainable greener developments in OUR CITIES

challenges of promoting dev tal lg
Challenges of promoting Dev’tal LG
  • Short-termism
  • Lack of, leadership vision LED policies
  • Insufficient powers
  • Fragmented governance
  • Lack of spatial policies within national and central governments to guide the regional strategic planning
  • Financial instruments don’t fit
  • Public and media pessimism
  • Political jeopardy
  • Developmental Local Government is a key for Inclusive economic growth
  • Take Care to get what you want or you will be forced to like what you get…
  • We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it..
  • Best leaders are Coordinators not Directors… because: