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Post Harvest - UPL PowerPoint Presentation
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Post Harvest - UPL

Post Harvest - UPL

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Post Harvest - UPL

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  1. Post Harvest • In agriculture, postharvest handling is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packing. The instant a crop is removed from the ground, or separated from its parent plant, it begins to deteriorate.. • Post harvest losses can drastically impact food security. UPL’s post-harvest solutions have been saving thousands of tonnes of food from destruction globally and are recognized amongst the most effective. 2

  2. Because food saved is food earned UPL is determined to reduce food loss caused by pests, diseases and improper storage practices. UPL QUICKPHOS™ is a potent fumigant. The active ingredient of UPL MAGNAPHOS™ is an ammonia-free formulation utilising a fast-gas release action. UPL QUICKPHIO-R™ is ideal for state- of-the-art application technologies patented in most countries. UPL’s Decco is the only player with a global presence providing a complete range of fruit coating products, storage solutions, services and equipment. 3

  3. Storage Solutions MAGNAPHOS Grain Storage Cereal crops and roots crops account for about 30% and 20% post harvest losses respectively. UPL provides simple, effective and safe solutions to protect grains and change this reality. UPL MAGNAPHOS’ active ingredient comprises of Magnesium Phosphide with a palate of its ammonia- free formulation. Fast-gas release is its most popular presentation. It’s a versatile fumigant for use on stored raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, animal feed and feed ingredients. QUICKPHOS UPL QUICKPHOS, coupled with its principal ingredient Aluminium Phosphide, is a solid potent fumigant in tablet, pellet and bag presentation. QUICKPHOS may be used for the fumigation of raw agricultural commodities, animal feed and feed ingredients, processed foods and certain other nonfood items. QUICKPHIO-R UPL system QUICKPHIO-R is ideal in state-of-the-art application technologies and is under patent in most countries. 4

  4. Fruit Storage 45% of all fruit and vegetables are thrown away. UPL’s Decco with its range of specialty fruit coatings and storage products provides solutions for increasing shelf life. It also prevents damage during packaging and transportation. In several countries, Decco has also developed equipment solutions with teams of mechanical representatives available to assist you with your packing needs. . 5

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