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Natural Gas

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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas

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  1. Natural Gas This is a Slide Show On How Natural Gas Can Be Used As A Energy Source.

  2. A description of what is going to be looked at on this slide show • A description of the Natural Gas • What could be used by the Natural Gas • The history of the Natural Gas • If Natural Gas’ can be a useable source of energy for a lifetime ( sustainability ). Cont’d ….--->

  3. The cont’d Description • The outline of the process of how the Natural Gas’s development and the energy and Natural Gas’ transfer is going. • And What are some of the advantages of natural gas • And also the disadvantages of Natural Gas

  4. Describing the Energy Source • Natural gas is consisting primarily of Methane ( Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. It is the simplest Alkane, and is the principal component of Natural Gas). It is found with other fossil fuels, in coal beds, and Methane clathrates and is created by Methaneogenic organisms in Marshes, bogs and Landfills.

  5. What Could Be Used By Natural Gas! • Before it can be used as a fuel, it must undergo the processing to remove all other materials except for the methane. • Natural gas is often informally referred to as simply gas, especially when compared to other energy sources such as oil or coal. • It’s also as gas to transport people. • Or as a fertilizer.

  6. The History Of Natural Gas • Natural gas is nothing new. In fact, most of the natural gas that is brought out from under the ground is millions and millions of years old. However, it was not until recently that methods for obtaining this gas, bringing it to the surface, and putting it to use were developed.

  7. Cont’d History • Before there was an understanding of what natural gas was, it posed somewhat of a mystery to man. Sometimes, such things as lightning strikes would ignite natural gas that was escaping from under the earth's crust. This would create a fire coming from the earth, burning the natural gas as it seeped out from underground.

  8. Can Natural Gas be can a useable source of energy for a life time • Natural gas is a vitally important source of energy for all sectors of the economy in the United States. Maintaining an adequate supply of this important resource is thus extremely important to preserving and improving our quality of life. This section will discuss the supply of natural gas in the United States, as well as factors that affect the ability of producers to bring natural gas to market in a timely and efficient manner.

  9. The Process of Natural Gas • The image below is a schematic block flow diagram of a typical natural gas processing plant. It shows the various unit processes used to convert raw natural gas into sales gas pipelined to the end user markets.

  10. A Picture of Natural Gas’ Process before it can be useable

  11. The advantages of Natural Gases • Natural gases is a major source of a electricity generation. • Most of the grid Peaking Power Plants and some off-grid engine-generations. • Natural gases were also used to light lamps and was found that natural gases aren’t dangerous. • Natural gases are more friendly than oil and coal.

  12. And Also Some of the Disadvantages of Natural Gas The only disadvantage/ advantage that natural gases has is the environmental impact. Experts of the sided has argued about this one disadvantage/ advantage. However Natural gas is an non-renewable resource.

  13. Combustible • Due to its make-up, natural gas is combustible and easily explosive if handled improperly. With a leak, the gas builds up within a room or structure. When that gas is ignited it causes an explosion. The severity of the explosion depends upon the amount of the leak. Natural gas is toxic if inhaled, leading to severe health risk or even death

  14. Cost-Effective! :] • Natural gas is more cost-effective because it is in abundant supply in the United States. This is further proven because natural gas, as opposed to oil, is not required for import from foreign countries.

  15. Safety of Natural Gas • In any form, a minute amount of odorant such as t-butyl mercaptan, with a rotting-cabbage-like smell, is added to the otherwise colorless and almost odorless gas, so that leaks can be detected before a fire or explosion occurs. Sometimes a related compound, thiophane is used, with a rotten-egg smell.

  16. A Cont’d Safety • In the pipeline an odorant is added to the gas with a rotten-egg smell, so leaks may be detected. Homes that use natural gas should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. Natural gas use is the most common cause in carbon monoxide deaths each year. Once the colorless, odorless gas is released, victims usually suffocate without warning.

  17. A Natural Gas Molecule

  18. The US Natural Gas Production

  19. My resources • I used the internet for my slide show and the website where I got my information is •

  20. The End!!!! Santanna Peters