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High School Graduation in Washington State PowerPoint Presentation
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High School Graduation in Washington State

High School Graduation in Washington State

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High School Graduation in Washington State

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  1. High School Graduation in Washington State 23 credits (KSD) Pass HSPE/EOC Reading Writing Math Culminating Project

  2. Culminating Project:A demonstration of skills and experiences to show that you’re prepared for life after high school • Academic Skills • Best Work • Research Paper • Technology Skills • Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc… • Evidence of Planning • High school • Post high school • Career Preparation • Interest inventory • Job application • Cover letter • Resume • Job Shadow or Interview • Service Learning • Senior Presentation

  3. In some school districts, students demonstrate these skills and experiences on paper • In Kent, students organize their items electronically Electronic portfolio = eFOLIO

  4. To learn which culminating project items you need to complete… • KPA website / Student Resources / Culminating Project / Additional Resources • Follow the link that applies to you • Started at KPA as a freshman • Started at KPA as a sophomore • Started at KPA as a junior • Started at KPA as a senior

  5. To learn how to create the items for your culminating project • KPA website / Student Resources / Culminating Project • Follow the links to see examples and forms

  6. To learn how to upload your finished items into eFOLIO • KPA website / Student Resources / eFOLIO • Follow the HELP DOCUMENTS link to get step by step instructions for adding, deleting, moving, or changing items in efolio

  7. Best Work Reflection Today, I received an award for being on the honor roll – in fact, I am the only person on the honor roll! Looking at this award, it reminds me of all the work I put into working – how many times I choose to work from dawn until dusk on my classes, staying after school for two hours every day, working in the mornings before school and on the weekend – all that work is reflected in that I managed to not only complete my classes, but to earn a 3.8 GPA. I went as fast as I could while still doing my best. I am very proud of myself, and I hope that I can do even better this semester, though I am currently having difficulties. I’ll be attending college this semester, which means I will stepping to an even harder and more challenging curriculum. I hope – no, I WILL – match my GPA last semester with my GPA this semester, both at KPA and at Green River College. In a real sense, this award shows what I am really capable of when I do my best and go the extra mile. I’ve always been told I have great potential, but now I can say something even better. I can say I have great success.

  8. Technology Proficiency: Graphic Organizer

  9. How to: Graphic Organizer

  10. Technology Proficiency Spreadsheet and Graph

  11. How to: Spreadsheet and graph

  12. Information Literacy: Can you conduct research using the internet and use reliable sources? • If you’ve already made a bibliography for a research paper, you can use that (if you used several internet resources) OR • Choose a topic to research – eg. Solar Power • Identify 5 reliable resources and tell how you know they’re reliable • Identify 5 unreliable resources and tell why they might not be trustworthy

  13. Other places to see examples • Google: • “sample cover letter for high school student” • “sample resume for student with no work experience”