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Kinematic Equations

Force Equations. Kinematic Equations. Useful Information. Mass of Earth 5.98x10 24 kg Radius of Earth 6.38x10 6 m Sun: Mean distance to Earth 1.5x10 11 m Mass 1.99x10 30 kg Radius 6.96x10 8 m Moon: Mass 7.35x10 22 kg Radius 1.74x10 6 m Mean distance to Earth 3.85x10 8 m

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Kinematic Equations

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  1. Force Equations Kinematic Equations Useful Information Mass of Earth 5.98x1024 kg Radius of Earth 6.38x106 m Sun: Mean distance to Earth 1.5x1011 m Mass 1.99x1030kg Radius 6.96x108 m Moon: Mass 7.35x1022 kg Radius 1.74x106 m Mean distance to Earth 3.85x108 m Constants: G 6.673x10-11Nm2/kg2 g 9.81 m/s2 k 8.99x109 N•m2/kg2 Volume of a sphere 4/3 π r3 Momentum Pre-AP Physics Formula Chart Gravitation & Circular Motion Energy Quadratic Formula

  2. Heat/Thermo Parallel Series Electric Force, Fields, Potential and Capacitance Waves/Sound Electricity

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