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Latinos and Language Development

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Latinos and Language Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latinos and Language Development. A Need for Improvement in the American Education System. What is Literacy?.

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latinos and language development

Latinos and LanguageDevelopment

A Need for Improvement in the American Education System

what is literacy
What is Literacy?
  • Language and literacy are interactive processes, integrating individual learners’ cognitive and linguistic abilities with the need to communicate meaningfully with others in the social environment (Pérez 20).
where is literacy important
Where is Literacy Important?
  • Diverse Communities
  • Daily Interactions
  • Careers
  • Starts in the schools
some statistics
Some Statistics
  • Rise of Latino population: 12.7% in 1993-1994 to 19.8% in 2005-2006
  • 80% of the English language learner population
  • 4th grade: 47% are behind in reading when compared to white classmates
what did i want to learn
What Did I Want to Learn?
  • Why do Latinos have lower literacy rates than their non-Latino classmates?
  • What factors are present in a public school setting that affect Latino student literacy?
  • What can specifically be done to increase literacy rates?
why is literacy an issue with latinos
Why is Literacy an issue with Latinos?
  • Different cultural context
  • NOT their fault!
what is the problem
What is the Problem?
  • Subtractive Schooling
  • Proposition 227 and downplay of bilingual education
  • Home language vs. school language
  • Poor communication
  • Challenge for teachers:
    • Full spectrum of Spanish- and English-language skills
    • Effects of Prop. 227: 10,894 to 5,670
    • Fix vs. heal
becoming aware always
Emerged as a hot topic when certain laws were being passed

When I first became aware:

With Latinos: classroom observation in Waukegan, IL

ED 299 Classroom discussions: ESL programs, Latino education

Mentoring in St. Charles

Becoming Aware... ALWAYS!
the interview cindy duley
The Interview: Cindy Duley
  • Assistant of the Education Department at University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse
  • Some of her experiences with education:
    • elementary teacher
    • certified reading specialist in early literacy
    • ELL instructor at WSU
  • Variety of different levels, abilities, and backgrounds
questions from the interview
Questions from the Interview
  • How do issues of superiority and inferiority affect the relationship between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students?
    • Human connection
    • Differences
    • Fear and insecurity
questions continued
Questions Continued...
  • How has the rising Latino population specifically affected public schools, and what is needed to make the education process more enjoyable and worthwhile for these students?
  • Wisconsin schools
  • “culturally responsive”
  • “build on each individual's experience”
  • “educating the families and sharing our expectations”
  • “safe and positive learning environment”
other questions i would have liked to ask
Other Questions I Would Have Liked to Ask:
  • Experience in schools in Mexico:
    • Different structure?
    • Acceptance of peers and differences?
  • Expansion on programs she mentioned, including ESL or ELL classrooms, Responsive Curriculum, and sheltered immersion
so what importance of native language
...So What? Importance of Native Language
  • It is very important for students to stay efficient in their native language when learning a second language. Why is this so?
  • “The transfer is easier between languages when a child has a strong foundation to build on. Learning to read in the first language is also the preference when possible because of the background knowledge that has already been developed” (Duley).
so what
So What?
  • FOCUS on needs of children
  • Benefits of bilingual system
  • Dual-language programs
  • Sheltered English
  • Teacher Quality and funds of knowledge
  • Parent involvement
the writing process

Too much information!


How to Incorporate the interview

What Came Easily

Passionate words and thoughts

Describing the problem

Reaffirming Information

Surprising Information

The Writing Process
an ending thought
An Ending Thought...

Cindy Duley’s personal story....

What really matters