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Deaf Latinos

Deaf Latinos. America’s most rapidly growing minority group among the deaf population. Deaf Hispanics of Today. The nation's deaf Hispanic (or Latino) community is continuing to grow.

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Deaf Latinos

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  1. Deaf Latinos America’s most rapidly growing minority group among the deaf population. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  2. Deaf Hispanics of Today • The nation's deaf Hispanic (or Latino) community is continuing to grow. • Deaf students of Hispanic-American heritage are the most rapidly growing minority group among the deaf population. In fact, from 1988 to 1998 there was a 7% increase of Deaf Hispanic students in the United States (Christensen, K., 2000). • Despite this increase, the national organization that used to serve this population (National Hispanic Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) is inactive. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  3. Current OrganizationsHispanic Deaf ClubFounded 1995 at Rochester Institute of Technology The Hispanic Deaf Club represents people working together towards a common goal. Their goal is to help those around them understand their culture and what it means to "be Latino". As an organization they provide programs that stimulate the interests of deaf students from all backgrounds. They also attempt to create a system of support and guidance for deaf Latino students. They are a student organization, whose primary purpose is to educate and increase cultural awareness among all deaf students. In addition to the support network provided, HDC sponsors various events geared towards cultural enrichment, invites speakers to increase the awareness of current Latino issues, participates in community services projects, and holds fund-raisers and social events in an attempt at unification. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  4. Current OrganizationsMano a ManoNational Multicultural Interpreting Project (NMIP) The first conference took place in 1999 under the direction of Ms.Mary Mooney of El Paso Community College. Additional conferences followed in Orlando (2001) and Chicago (2003). There motto is “Unidos y Adelante” meaning united and moving forward. They are dedicated to working with sign language interpreters who work with Spanish communities. Among many things they provide professional resources, community forums, new events and net working. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  5. European IndividualsSpanish/EuropeanFrancisco Goya1746-1828 Goya became established as a portrait painter to the Spanish aristocracy. He was elected to the Royal Academy of San Fernando in 1780, named painter to the king in 1786, and made a court painter in 1789. A serious illness in 1792 left Goya permanently deaf. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  6. European IndividualsSpanish/EuropeanJuan Fernandez De Navarrete1538 - 1579 Juan Fernandez De Navarrette spent several years traveling around Italy. In1565, he returned to Spain and was made a court painter to Phillip II. The rest of his career was spent primarily on painting altar pieces for the Escorial. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  7. American IndividualsRobert R. Davila, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, CSD He is the first and only deaf person to have held the position as assistant secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. The former President George Bush appointed him in 1989. He is the first deaf person to serve as president of the Council of the Education of the Deaf, the Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf and the Council of Educational Administers Serving the Deaf. Dr. Davila has dedicated his life to advocating for people with disabilities around the world. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  8. American IndividualsMark D. Apodaca, MBADirector of Finance, CSD Mr. Apodaca is also the founder and president of Finlion, Inc., a business and management consulting firm. Mr. Apodaca was appointed to the board of directors of the National Hispanic Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1992 to 1996), founded the California Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 1996 and SignSource in 2000.  He was appointed to the National Association of the Deaf Board of Directors where he was appointed Treasurer for three terms (1999-2005). In 2004, Mr. Apodaca was elected Vice President of NAD. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  9. American IndividualsAngel Ramos, Ph.D.Executive Director of Angel Ramos Foundation, Inc. On August 1 of  this year (2001)  Dr. Ramos, at age 51,  was named superintendent of  the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind. He was also a Fulbright Scholar, author, and chairman of  various deaf organizations and projects. He was also the founder of  the National Hispanic Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Washington, D.C.  Angel Ramos chaired the Deaf President Now fund. His participation in the DPN movement led to his book, “Triumph of the Spirit: The DPN Chronicle”. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  10. American IndividualsTomás García, Jr., Ed.D. Tomás Garcia has eight years of experience in the field of education. Over these eight years, Dr. Garcia has served on the following boards: Gallaudet Universities Department of Educations Collaboration Council; Gallaudet Leadership Institute; California Department of Rehabilitations DHH Advisory Committee; Holy Angels Church of the Deaf; National Association of the Deaf Captioned Media Program; and CSU, Northridge's DHH Credential Advisory Committee. Dr. Garcia is a renowned keynote speaker, presenting on integrating technology into classroom, using the Captioned Media Program, using the Internet to enhance the deaf education curriculum, family values and deaf children, multicultural issues in deaf education, as well as various transition topics. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  11. American IndividualsMarta OrdazOffice Coordinator - San Leandro Office, DCARA One of Marta’s biggest achievements was advocating the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunication Program (DDTP) in order to provide English to Spanish relay services through DCARA's Latino Program. Today such service is provided by Sprint. Ms. Ordaz has served on numerous committees and boards including the National Hispanic Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as a board of director and the California Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as the vice president. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  12. American IndividualsLeticia ArellanoASL Diagnostician - Center for ASL Literacy Ms. Arellano was an employee of the United States Postal Service for six years. After earning her degree from Gallaudet University she became a deaf educator. Leticia has taught Deaf children at New Mexico School for the Deaf, Metro Deaf School, Texas School for the Deaf and Kendall Demonstration Elementary School. She is currently employed at the Center for the ASL Literacy at Gallaudet University as a diagnostic assessment specialist. Leticia was selected for leadership training from National Council Hispano Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She has traveled to various countries around the world. Transition Services Preparation & Training

  13. Resources and References • http://www.deafvision.net • http://www.rit.edu/~hdcwww/ • http://deafness.about.com/cs/subcultures/a/hispanic.html • http://www.imageone.com/goya/index1.html • http://www.manoamano-unidos.org/ • http://wwar.com/masters/n/nadarrete-juan_fernandez_de.html • Christensen, K.. (2000). Deaf plus: A multicultural perspective. San Diego: Dawn Sign Press. Transition Services Preparation & Training

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