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The One and Only Ivan

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The One and Only Ivan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The One and Only Ivan. PowerPoint By Abby and Andrea Book By: Katherine Applegate. Continue. Table Of Contents. Intro To The One and Only Ivan “Hello, I am Ivan. I am a Gorilla. It’s not as easy as it looks.”. About The Author About the Characters The Story. END. About the Author.

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The One and Only


PowerPoint By Abby and Andrea

Book By: Katherine Applegate


table of contents
Table Of Contents

Intro To The One and Only Ivan

“Hello, I am Ivan. I am a Gorilla. It’s not as easy as it looks.”

About The Author

About the Characters

The Story



About the Author

The author is Katherine Applegate. She has written other books like the Roscoe Riley Rules series, The Buffalo Storm and the novel Home of the Brave. Also with her husband she has written a popular series, Animorphs.

Katherine was inspired to write this story after a gorilla named Ivan. He too lived in a mall for 27 years. After he moved to a zoo just like Ivan did.

Katherine lives in California. With her 2 children and pets. She continues to write more books in the future.

Information from the book.


Main Characters

Stella: An elephant who has a major foot problem. She is great at remembering her childhood and likes to tell stories.

Ruby: The new baby elephant, who is scared, shy and worried. But when she gets used to her new friends. Nobody can stop her.

Ivan: Ivan is the main character in the book. He had lived in the big top mall for almost all of his life. Nothing ever changes, until a new animal arrives. He brings out his soft side when he has to protect ruby. He is also very calm and never gets mad.

the setting
The Setting
  • Most of the story takes place in the Big Top Mall. That is where Ivan, Ruby, Stella, and Bob live.
  • Ivan’s enclosure is where we usually find Ivan in the story.
  • We also find Ruby and Stella in their enclosure next to Ivan’s.
  • At the end, all of the animals end up in a zoo.
rising action
Rising Action
  • The Rising action was when Mac needed a new animal because he was loosing business. So he bought Ruby! When Ruby came Ivan was so happy!
  • The climax of this book is when Ivan is creating what he calls his plan to help Ruby escape. It is a very exciting part!
falling action
Falling Action
  • The falling action is when Ivan and Ruby are going to the zoo and getting used to their new surroundings.
the resolution
The Resolution
  • The resolution is when Ivan sees Ruby running around and having a blast with her new elephant friends. He finally did it!! He brought Ruby to a real zoo!