The one and only you
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The One and Only You. Mrs. Vane – Teen Living Teacher Jefferson Middle School. Unique … What’s it mean?. Unique simply means that you are a ONE OF A KIND . You are special and different from all others. What makes YOU unique?.

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The one and only you

The One and OnlyYou

Mrs. Vane – Teen Living Teacher

Jefferson Middle School

Unique what s it mean
Unique … What’s it mean?

  • Unique simply means that you are a ONE OF A KIND.

  • You are special and different from all others.

What makes you unique
What makes YOU unique?

  • Give THREE examples that set you apart from everyone else – including your peers.


  • I’m outgoing

  • I love to cook

  • I love to travel

Traits in common
Traits in Common

Even though you are unique and there is no one quite like you…

You still share some things in common with other people.

Everyone has to have food and water to survive.

You and your friends share traits in common as well…after all, that is probably what makes you friends!

What traits do you and your friends share?

Being an individual
Being an Individual

No two people act, think or feel the same way.

  • This is because everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different experiences.

    Everything you do, everywhere you go, and everyone you know – especially your family members and friends – have influenced who you are.

    How do you think your family and friends have influenced you to be who you are today?


Some of the characteristics that make you an individual are a result of your heredity.

Hereditary traits – the passing on of traits or characteristics from parents to their children.

Examples – Eye color, skin color, facial features, and your body build.


You have other traits that make you a unique individual.

These are traits that are a result of your environment – or all the living things and nonliving things that surround you.

Example – Do you live in a small town or a big city?

Still environment
Still Environment

Think about your interests, hobbies, and abilities. Some of them are acquired or learned from the people and things around you.

Examples :

  • Maybe your brother taught you how to skateboard.

  • Your Mom showed you how to cook.

    Name two things that you have learned/acquired from your environment.


What is a role?

  • It is the way you behave when you interact with another person.

    Role models are people who help you see what is expected of you and show you how to act in certain situations.

    Who is your role model? Explain and give examples why this person is your role model.

Words to know
Words to Know

  • Personality – The combination of traits that makes you the person you are.

  • Self Concept – The mental image you have of yourself.

  • Self-confidence – The courage to deal with people + events in a positive way.

More words
More Words

  • Attitude – Feelings + opinions about people, things and events.

  • Optimist – Individuals that have a positive (+) attitude.

  • Pessimist – Individuals that have a negative (-) attitude.

  • Culture – refers to the ways of thinking, acting, dressing and speaking shared by a group of people.