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The Secret Language of Girls. By Frances O ’ Roark Dowell. Marylin Chapter 6.

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The secret language of girls

TheSecret Language of Girls

By Frances O’Roark Dowell

Marylin chapter 6
Marylin Chapter 6

When Marylin started 6th grade she changed. She got new friends, some of them are Ashley Greer and Mazie Calloway. They are on the cheerleading team. Marylin other friend Flannery taught here how to cheer so she could make it but instead of both of them on the team Marylin did better and made the team. That is Marylin. But now lets talk about what happens in Chapter 6. In Chapter 6 Marylin is at here first game to cheer. She is scared that she would mess up but she doesn't. she does great. While she is cheering a boy shows up behind the gate leaning on a bike and screams go Wes. Marylin looks behind her and sees an boy with his fist in the air. She thinks he is cute and then Ashley Greer says “ that’s Wes’s brother”. Then they star cheering when Mazie says “ He only has on leg he had cancer” Marylin didn’t care she liked him. When the game was over there was a after party at 6. Marylin walked to her mom and said we have to go get ready for the party. They went home and got ready. Then Caitlin came to pick Marylin up. When they got there everyone was down stairs while they walked down Wes’s brother was there. He smiled at her and said “ hi I am Tyler but everyone calls me TY”. Marylin thought that this was going to be the best night ever. Then Wes said Time for Spin the Bottle. Every one went on the carpet to play. Then Caitlin's mom picked us up and we went home. I told my self that this night was the best I ever had.


Kate chapter7
Kate Chapter7

When Kate started 6th grade everything changed. Her best friend Marylin made new friends who didn’t talk to her. She didn’t know what happened. She was alone for a couple weeks and then she met a new friend. Her name is Paisley Clark. She and her mom travel all over the world. then she left and Kate only had Marylin. Well that is Kate and now lets talk about what magical adventure happens in chapter 7. In chapter 7 Kate is playing basketball against her dad. She knows that she can’t block him so she tries to distract him by jumping up and down and saying Yow-eeee! She started slapping the ball out of his hands. Then he dribbled down the court and he shoots and scores. Then her dad looked at his watch and said. “ the men's league is about to start”. Kate sighed and said that “stinks I was just about to make my big comeback.” Then the Men’s league showed up and they had to go home. I had so much fun playing basketball with my dad.