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The Himalayas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Himalayas

The Himalayas

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The Himalayas

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  1. The Himalayas They formed due to the India plate and Eurasian plate colliding.

  2. Monsoons • Seasonal winds that cause damage • Winter monsoon – dry winds blow from the northeast. • Summer monsoon – winds blow from the southwest, bringing moist ocean air and heavy rainfall.

  3. Why is Pakistan drier than India? • The monsoon winds in India bring moisture from the Indian Ocean • Pakistan is north of the ocean and receives much less rain than India.

  4. Subcontinent countries • India, Pakistan, Nepal, Buhtan, Bangladesh • Maldives, Sri Lanka

  5. Where is the cultural hearth of India? • Indus River Valley Civilization

  6. Caste system • A social structure that began with the Aryans. • A person born into one caste cannot change castes or mix with members of other castes. • It is illegal in India now

  7. How did British rule affect India? They changed some of India’s cultural customs and they imposed harsh taxes. They built large railways and improved healthcare.

  8. What were the results of independence for the subcontinent? Many Muslims thought the Hindu majority would treat them unfairly, so they fought against them. The Muslims fled to Pakistan and the Hindus fled to India

  9. Who was Gandhi and what did he do? • A lawyer • Fought for independence for India through nonviolent resistance • He influenced MLK and the civil rights movement • He went on fasts (hunger strikes) to get the Hindu’s and Muslim’s to stop fighting one another

  10. Showed his pride in India by spinning his own cloth for his clothes

  11. What are the major religions in South Asia? Hinduism Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama The Enlightened One Nirvana Karma The Middle Way – the path to happiness is nether indulgence or denial Four Noble Truths reincarnation • Brahma • Nirvana • Karma & Dharma • The Vedas • Varanasi (City of Lights) • Ganges River is holy • Caste system • reincarnation

  12. What are the characteristics of India’s growing population? • Over 1 billion people • Increases in healthcare and food production led to population explosion • The government cannot keep up

  13. Why is there fighting in Kashmir? Kashmir was independent, but sided with India after the partition even though its people were Muslim. The Indus river begins here and Pakistan does not want India to have control of their drinking water

  14. Kashmir continued . . . Line of control – the cease fire line that separates India’s side of Kashmir from Pakistan’s side of Kashmir Major Problem: Threat of nuclear war • Solution: • Everything stays the same • Kashmir joins either India or Pakistan

  15. Plight of Women in India No education Overworked and underpaid No skills Girls die of malnutrition more than anything else Contraception = sterilization

  16. Other side of outsourcing

  17. Outsourcing Created more income for young people Encouraged young woman to postpone marriage Increased the generation gap

  18. Outsourcing Fearful that young people will forget their culture It benefits Americans by creating a large market for our products