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Health Communications

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Health Communications. Unit B. Albin- White Aden- Gland Angio- Blood Vessel Arterio- Artery Arthro- Joint Blepharo- Eyelid Bucca- Cheek Carcin- Cancer Cardio- Heart Cephal- Head. Cervic- Nech Cheil- Lip Chem- Drug Chole- Gall, bile Chrom- color Colo- Colon Costo- Ribs

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Presentation Transcript
root words
Albin- White

Aden- Gland

Angio- Blood Vessel

Arterio- Artery

Arthro- Joint

Blepharo- Eyelid

Bucca- Cheek

Carcin- Cancer

Cardio- Heart

Cephal- Head

Cervic- Nech

Cheil- Lip

Chem- Drug

Chole- Gall, bile

Chrom- color

Colo- Colon

Costo- Ribs

Cranio- Skull

Cyan- blue

Cysto- Bladder, sac

Root Words
root words1
Cyte- Cell

Derma- Skin

Echo- Sound

Embyr- Fertilized Ovum/ Embryo

Entero- Intestine

Epidemi- Among the people

Erythro- Red

Esophag- esophagus

Gastro- stomach

Genit- Related To Birth

Gloss- tongue

Hepat- Liver

Holo- All

Hom- Same, alike

Hydro- Water

Hygien- Healthful

Hystero- Uterus

Leuko- White

Lingua- Tongue

Lymph- Fluid

Root Words
root words2
Mamm, mast- Breast

Myelo- Bone Marrow

Myo- Muscle

Nephro, ren- Kidney

Neuro- Nerve

Odent- Tooth

Ono- Tumor

OO- Egg

Oophar- Ovary

Orch- Testis

Osteo- Bone

Oto- Ear

Ovario- Ovary

Ped, pod- Foot

Pharynh- Pharynx

Phleb- Vein

Pneumo, plum- Lung

Procto- Rectum

Psych- Mind, soul

Radio- Passing off rays

Root Words
root words3
Rhin- Nose

Salpingo- Tube

Sept- Infection

Soma- Body

Splen- Spleen

Stric- Narrowing

Therm- Temperature

Throac- Thorax, chest

Trach- Trachea

Viscera- Organ

Vit- Life

Root Words
barriers to communication
Barriers To Communication
  • There are many potential barriers to communication that must be recognized by those involved- especially those in supervisory positions.
symbols or words that have different meanings
Symbols or words that have different meanings.
  • Some words mean different thing to people depending on background or culture. A large amount of terminology is used in the hospital and misunderstanding is often the cause of problems.
  • An example would be a young radiologic technologist is unaware that supine abdomen x-rays were once called flat plate of the abdomen.
different values within the group
Different Values Within the Group
  • Everyone has their own value system and many do not recognize the value of others.
  • An example would be a Supervisor may speak with staff about penalties for being late to work. Some students may not value the need to be on time, and may not actively listen to what the supervisor is talking about.
different perceptions of the problem
Different perceptions of the problem
  • Problems exist in all groups, organizations, and businesses. Problems differ depending on the individual’s perception of the problem.
emphasis on status
Emphasis on status
  • If people in power or higher superiority in the organization consistently remind others of their station, communication will be stifled. Students may hesitate to tell you problems or concerns if you overemphasize your superiority and appear threatening.
conflict of interest
Conflict of interest
  • People may be fearful of change or worried that the change will take away their advantage or invade their territory. This fear may cause people to block communication.
lack of acceptance of differences in points of view feelings values or purposes
Lack of acceptance of differences in points of view, feelings values, or purposes.
  • Be aware that people have different opinions, feelings, and values. People must be allowed to express feelings and points of view. Accepting input from others promotes growth and cooperation.
feelings of personal insecurity
Feelings of personal insecurity
  • Be aware that it is difficult for people to admit feelings of inadequacy. People will not offer information for fear that they may appear ignorant, or they may be defensive when criticized. This may cause difficulty when trying to work with these individuals.
guidelines for communicating with people with disabilities
Guidelines for Communicating with People with Disabilities.
  • There are no strict rules or regulations regarding communicating with people who have disabilities. These guidelines are an attempt to help increase understanding and to clear up misconceptions.
  • Your Attitude Matters! One of the greatest barriers people with disabilities face is negative attitudes and perceptions of those with disabilities.
  • Sometimes those attitudes are deep-rooted prejudices, based on ignorance and fear. Sometimes they are just unconscious misconceptions that result in impolite or thoughtless acts by otherwise well-meaning people.
  • Negative attitudes from and obstacle to acceptance and full participation in society for people with disabilities.