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Team meeting – accelerating structure production

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Team meeting – accelerating structure production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team meeting – accelerating structure production. G. Riddone, AB-RF 2008.01.09. Saclay – HDS thick, 30HDSQtk.Cu Cleaning CW29 Heat treatment and HPR test at Saclay – HDS11, 50 CW30 Heat treatment done in CW31 Shipped to Saclay in CW33 HPR test made CW35

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Presentation Transcript
structures under preparation
Saclay – HDS thick, 30HDSQtk.Cu

Cleaning CW29

Heat treatment and HPR test at Saclay – HDS11, 50 CW30

Heat treatment done in CW31

Shipped to Saclay in CW33

HPR test made CW35

Decision to replace it during shut-down (problem with leaktightness of helicoflex joints)  new joints sent to CEA

Discovered problem on cover plate  remachining done and sent back to Saclay

Assembly made at Saclay


Meeting at CERN on 04.12  actions defined for burr removal and rf check

calibration 4 windows: CW2

Then send to Sacley with screws and helicoflex joints

IMTEC - Cu HDS11 small, 30HDSQ11S.Cu

Received at CERN in CW44

RF check in CW45 (they are OK)

Metrology: CW51 OK

Cleaning: CW02


Heat treatment: CW04

Structures under preparation
other structures
Other structures
  • HDS11 small Mo  in the lab, should be heated up (6 h before putting it in vacuum),
  • HDS11 small Ti  in the lab, dimensional control OK,
  • Pulse heating cavity  at Gonzalo’s office for SEM (action Samuli)
  • W 2p/3 clamped  in the lab
structures under preparation1
Megich, Cu circular thin, 30CNSQth.Cu  arrived at CERN in CW42, 08.10.2007

RF checks in CW42  report in EDMS

Dimensional control  CW43 (iris too thin 55 micro)

Cleaning cw45

SEM cw45

Tuning: tests under way in b169 (machining “spherical milling”)

metrologic results (matching irisx2)  CW49

Ask for 2nd structure if firm understands the reason of the error  prototype quadrant has been checked at Megich  good results

Metrology of this quadrant before starting tuning of the structure

30HDStk.Cu#2 (P1 for next test):

RF checks CW41

Microscopic inspections CW42 (damages not visible)


Burr removal: CW47

Chemical treatment SUBU: CW47

SEM: CW51 (EDMS notification received)

Heat treatment: CW03


Structures under preparation
structures under fabrication
Structures under fabrication
  • Cu circular thin, 30CNSQth.Cu#2, Megic
      • 1 new quadrant (no news)
      • Old test pieces will have to be sent to CERN
      • Waiting for CERN payment
  • Clic vg1 quadrant damped, 11WDSQvg1Cu.1, VDL
      • 3 quadrant ready, 1 quadrant under fabrication
  • Cu quadrant 2p/3, 30CNSQ2p3.Cu, Micron-Cluny
      • Tool characterization under way
      • Slot for machining: CW50 (CERN visit to M-C), no tuning holes
      • Dimensional control CW51
      • Ready for shipment CW02 (accepted delivery w/o holes)
  • 30HDSr1.2.Cu
    • 1 ordered at UNITEK: ready for shipment: mid of January 2008
    • 1 ordered at VDL: ready for shipment: feb 2008
  • 30CNSDSB.Cu
    • 1 ordered at VDL