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Staff and Faculty Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Staff and Faculty Orientation

Staff and Faculty Orientation

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Staff and Faculty Orientation

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  1. Staff and Faculty Orientation Wissahickon Charter School 2007-2008 Created by Carrie Higgins, LMS

  2. Just for fun… • •

  3. Why are you here today? • There is so much that is new! “ Library Grand Re-Opening” • Review and Remember • Q and A

  4. Agenda • What’s new? • Policies and Procedures Review • Curriculum • OPAC (if time allows)

  5. What’s new? • Staff: Haley M. • Hours: see schedule • Layout: • Fiction and Fiction Series • Dewey • Reference • Biographies/ Pop-ups • Book Baskets • Tubs, Prof., Software, Video, CDs from books

  6. What’s new? Wikispace! • Check out • Please bookmark it! • You can get your own FREE wikispace, too:

  7. What’s new? Books! • Literally, thousands. • Books and Bagels event TBA • Booktalks at staff meetings • Lists- if you gave me a list of “wanted” books, I will hand a copy back to you so you can see which titles we ordered, etc.

  8. What’s new? Print Reference • World Book 2008 (arriving in Nov.) • Note: old World books are intermingled into two sets • Best Books for Children*

  9. What’s new? Audio Resources • For recorded picture books, look in the audio books section: • Call # is AUD • They are arranged in ABC order by title • MORE are arriving soon!

  10. What’s new? Video Resources • Arranged in THEMATIC order • Reminder: you must check them out (and return them to the book return slot… don’t shelve them yourself)

  11. What’s new? Technology • Projector and Screen (and speakers) • Digital Camera • Printer in the library • Mobile lab- see handout for guidelines • TWO NEW LAPTOPS to add to our mobile lab (that makes 12!) • I always need at least 24 hour advance notice to sign out equipment.

  12. What’s new? Databases • We now have Encyclopeadia Brittanica! • Cobblestone Online Coming soon… PA interlibrary loan through the ACCESS PA program!

  13. What’s new: Magazines Carus Publishing (index is online!)* High interest *

  14. What’s new? Guided and Shared Reading • Susie labeled all the bags with color-coded labels according to level. • Weeded Shared Reading--- if a set you need isn’t here, it is in the back • Guided Reading prefix is GR • Shared Reading prefix is SR • Thematic tubs aren’t cataloged, but are arranged in ABC order

  15. What’s new? • Big Books: call # prefix is BIG • Small Books: call # prefix is SMALL • Easy Readers: call # prefix is ER • Professional Books: call # prefix is PRO (if any… these usually aren’t cataloged) • Series books have the same call # (F ___), but now have a yellow spine label and are on the spinner

  16. Not so new…. But important…. • BROWSING BASKETS • WHAT are they? • WHY do you have them? • WHICH books are in them?

  17. Announcing…The Read and Relax Club! • Starting soon, students can come to the library once a week during lunch and recess to read and relax. I will announce dates and times on the morning announcements. • What is allowed? • Checking out books, reading • Eating your lunch while reading/drawing • Listening to audio books • Working on homework and research • What isn’t allowed? • Conversation, sleeping, cell phones, etc. • Disrespectful behavior (a ONE STRIKE and you are out rule applies) • Using R&R as a punishment for behavior (ie, you’ve lost recess or are in buddy teacher).

  18. Policy and Procedures: Pop Quiz! • How many books at one time can a student check out in: • K-2nd? • 3-5th? • Middle school? • How long can Rihanna keep her book, Cinderella (ella, ella, ella…)? • What if she doesn’t return it? • What if she lost it?

  19. Policies and Procedures • What if Angelina and Jennifer both want the same book? • What if George, a fifth grader, wants to check out a YA book? • Mr. Beckham is a teacher at WCS. How many books can he check out? For how long? What if he loses his book? How does he check out if Carrie or Haley aren’t in the library?

  20. Ugh… Overdues! • Overdue notices use tons of paper… class lists are so much more environmentally friendly • Hundreds of severe overdues were turned in the week before Fun Day • I need your help!

  21. Library Curriculum • First Trimester- library orientation • Genre study • Author study • Research study

  22. Reminders • Write your name in classroom library books. • 24 hour notice for ALL requests (sometimes longer- see new schedule) • Return class books BEFORE 9:00AM the day you have library otherwise I will be annoyed and act passive aggressive (or, just aggressive). • Teachers return to the book return slot, too.

  23. Reminders, Cont. • Taking care of SR and GR books • What does co-teaching look like? • Book Check-out is a “sacred” time and should be calm and quiet. Choosing the right book is an important and multi-layered process. • EVERYTHING MUST BE CHECKED OUT! (Technology included)

  24. Schedule • Copy of schedule will be emailed to you soon

  25. Packets • Call Number Prefixes • Seating Chart *turn in by first class • Mobile Lab Policies • Encyc. Brittanica flyer • Thematic Tub List • Passwords • Library Passes/ R&R Passes • Shared Reading Inventory • Schedule

  26. What I need from you: • Seating chart (by first class) • Interview (Michele will schedule) • Weed/Reassign SR sets (by next Friday) • EXPLORE! • Understanding and Support

  27. Future Library PD • Computer Lab • Encyclopedia Britannica • ACCESS PA and POWER Library • OPAC • Wikispaces (by popular demand) • WebGems • Books and Bagels