introduction and cooperation l.
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Introduction and Cooperation PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction and Cooperation

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Introduction and Cooperation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction and Cooperation. István PETŐ, László PITLIK Institute of Business Analysis and Methodology Scientific Workgroup: Business Information Management Szent István University , Gödöllő, Hungary. Sybase Academic User Club Meeting Rovinj, Croatia; May 3-4, 2006.

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Introduction and Cooperation

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introduction and cooperation

Introduction and Cooperation

István PETŐ, László PITLIK

Institute of Business Analysis and Methodology

Scientific Workgroup: Business Information Management

Szent István University,

Gödöllő, Hungary

Sybase Academic User Club Meeting

Rovinj, Croatia; May 3-4, 2006

szent istv n university
Szent István University
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (URL)
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (URL)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (URL)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Science in Budapest (URL)
  • Ybl Miklós College of Architecture in Budapest (URL)
  • College of Teacher Training in Jászberény (URL)
faculty of economics and social sciences
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
  • BSc in Agricultural Information Management and Public Administration
  • BSc in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • BSc in Agricultural Vocational Education
  • BA in Andragogy
  • BA in Economics and Management
  • BA in Commerce and Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration (joint programme with Webster University)
research activities in our department
Research activities in our Department
  • Online knowledge-transfer and information logistics(Online Expert System, MAINFOKA, Info-Periscope, ikTAbu, OSIRIS, MIAU Wiki)
  • Forecasting methods(WAM, COCO, DEA, CBR, generator-model)
  • Efforts to automation(guidance of politics, EAA-based modelling of agricultural sector – SPEL/IDARA, CAPRI)
  • Object-comparison(Joker, COCO, PSM, play-o-metrics)
  • Online communication – information society(IACS, eGovernment, PPP/PSI, online services of the University)
  • Quality assurance issues of information management (consistency-analysis, fitting of expertises)
project and business experiences
Project and business experiences
  • Stocknet/ikTAbu: forecasting software
  • ONTIR: Online Information System on Tourism
  • Spin-off cooperations:
    • Innovation Centre Gödöllő,
    • AgroConsult Ltd. (Extension system)
  • Non-profit background:
    • Rural Angels (information dissemination in rural areas)
    • HAAI (umbrella organisation in agricultural
  • LPS-COCO: online analyse tool (under development)
  • Project-specific eLearning tools
  • EU-projects: IDARA, CAPRI, eFARMER
  • Hungarian partners: MEH, HP, FVM, GM-MTRt.
potential fields of cooperation
Potential fields of cooperation
  • Data-Mining – Business Intelligence
    • Consistency-based future modelling in strategic and operative management
  • Mobile Computing
    • Information logistics connected to various geographic units (counties, micro-regions, plots etc.)
  • Integrating projects
    • DM-based mobile information management
financial frameworks of cooperation
Financial frameworks of cooperation
  • „eTen” programme:Providing funds to help make e-services available throughout the European Union
  • „INNOCSEKK” programme: Supporting the innovation activities of SME’s in Hungarian regions
thank you for your attention
Thank You for Your attention!

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