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Status. Education Act 1998

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  1. Status Education Act 1998 37.—(1) “ ….“education support centre”…a place in which services are provided for schools, teachers, parents, boards and other relevant personswhich support them in carrying out their functions in respect of the provision of education which is recognised for that purpose by the Minister……..”

  2. Status • Education Support Centres are statutory bodies and bodies corporate established in accordance with section 37 of the Education Act 1998 and entered on the register of Education Support Centres maintained by the Minister for Education and Science

  3. Vision and Mission • Vision • Kilkenny Education Centre is open and innovative, and inspires and supports teaching and learning in the education community • Mission • The sharing of ideas and the communication of knowledge with the learning community through ongoing provision and development of services and resources

  4. Role of Centres • To serve national regional and local needs • To empower and support teachers in their work • To provide leadership in education • To promote educational research and innovation

  5. Core Work • National Programmes • Primary Curriculum Support Programme (PCSP) • School Development Planning Initiative (Primary and Post Primary) • Second Level Support Service • Local courses and projects • Wider education community/partnerships • Third level Links

  6. National Network • 22 Full Time Centres • 9 Part Time Centres

  7. Regional Network

  8. Management • Management committee elected annually at AGM • 5 representatives from primary level • 5 representatives from post-primary level • 2 representatives from the wider education community • Management committee meet monthly

  9. Staff • Director • ICT Advisor • Administrative /Caretaking Staff • National Programmes Support Service: Regional Development Officers and Cuiditheoiri

  10. Centre Funding • Department of Education and Science 90% • Self-generated 10%

  11. Facilities • Conference Room • Information Technology Room • Seminar Rooms • Library • Administrative Offices

  12. Conference Room

  13. Seminar Rooms

  14. Information Technology Room

  15. Library

  16. Current Challenges • The Changing Context: • Changing DES policy re Continuing Professional Development • NationalIn-service provision • Local Support • Challenges for school leaders/communities

  17. Ongoing Challenges • To ensure that the service we provide continues to be relevant to expressed needs • To make each Centre the ‘focal point’ in the thinking and work of those we serve • To work to ensure equal access to our services • To develop ongoing and fruitful partnerships with outside groups /agencies • To continue to work in a spirit of optimism and belief that we can and do make a difference

  18. The Future Focus on • Provision to meet local needs • Links/partnerships..National & international) • Promoting Centre facilities • E marketing - course applications/suggestions / Centre events /developments • Exploring the development of E learning /video conferencing

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