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The Sight. By Eva Guzmán 6ºA. Index. How does the eye works Activities. Characteristics and function of the eyes. Parts of an eye. The eyes have got diferent colors such us blue , brown or green. Characteristics and functions of the eyes.

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The sight

The Sight

By Eva Guzmán 6ºA


How does the eye works


  • Characteristics and functionof the eyes.

  • Parts of an eye

Characteristics and functions of the eyes

The eyes have got diferent colors such us blue, brown or green.

Characteristics and functions of the eyes

  • Your sense of sight lets you see things with your eyes. Your eyes can detect information about the shape, colourand location of things around you.

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Parts of an eye
Parts of an eye

The iris: is the colored part of the eye, around the pupil. It's made of muscle fibers that open and close the pupil.

The pupil: is a small hole that lets light go into the eye.

The retina: has got a thin layer of optic cells that detect light and colours. These optic cells send information to the optic nerve.


The cornea: is a transparent layer of cells. It covers and protects the iris and the pupil.

The lens: is behind the pupil and the iris. It focuses light on the retina.

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How the eye works
How the eye works

  • Light goes into the eye through the pupil. Then it passes through the lens.

  • The lens projects an upside down image onto the retina. The optic cells in the retina detect the light and colours. Then they send nerve impulses to the optic nerve

The optic nerve transmit the nerve impulses to the brain. Finaly, the brain interprets the impulses. It also turns the image the right way up again.

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The sight

Activities of the sight

Parts of an eye