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Unit 2 Book 7

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Unit 2 Book 7
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Unit 2 Book 7

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  1. Unit 2 Book 7 Robots revision 2011-12-22

  2. I. Spell the following words: 1. n. 框架 结构 framework 2. vt. 与…离婚 divorce • n. 评价 评定 assessment 4. vt. 宣布 声明 declare 5. n. 奖金 红利 bonus

  3. 6. vi./vt. 堆积 积累 pile 7. n. 手指甲 fingernail 8. adj. 荒谬的 可笑的 absurd 9. v. 服从 顺从 obey 10. adj. 按字母顺序的 alphabetical

  4. 11. vt. 羡慕 嫉妒 envy 12. adj. 优雅的 高雅的 elegant 13. adj. 数字的 数码的 digital 14. adj. 理论上的 theoretical 15. n. 生物化学 biochemistry

  5. 16. n. 传记 biography 17. n. 满意 满足 satisfaction 18. n. 烹饪 菜肴 cuisine 19. adj. 神的 上帝的 holy 20. n. 输血 transfusion

  6. Key phrases: • test out • ring up • turn around • leave…alone • set aside • in all • be bound to • master’s degree • be absent from

  7. II. Put the following into Chinese: • A robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually performed by humans. • Claire didn’t want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn’t harm her or allow her to be harmed. • As a favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. • What a sweet victory to be envied by those women!

  8. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair. • He had prevented Claire from harming herself through her own sense of failure. • But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot have women falling in love with machines. • He felt happy when his boss stated that he could set aside some time for exercise. • It was when Asimov was eleven years old that his talent for writing became obvious.

  9. III. Key words and phrases: 1.desire n. vt have a strong desire to do have a desire for sth desire to do sth desire sb to do sth desire that sb (should) do sth

  10. 1)任何想拥有选举权的人一定会来开会的。 2)我们班的每个学生都有上名牌大学的强烈愿望。 3)他有一个愿望,渴望他的书被尽可能多的人阅读。 4)你很希望我能为你做什么? 5)这位老人非常孤独,渴望能见到他的儿孙们,可是他们没有显示出丝毫要陪伴他的愿望。

  11. 1)Anyone desiring to vote must come to the meeting. 2)Each student in our class has a strong desire to go to a famous university/for a famous university. 3)He has a desire /desires that his book should reach as many people as possible. 4)What do you desire me to do? 5)The old man is very lonely, desiring to see his children and grandchildren. But they didn’t show the slightest desireto accompany him.

  12. 2. alarm n. vt • 使某人惊恐 • 被......吓一跳 • 做......感到惊恐 • 发出警报;敲警钟 • 惊恐地 sth alarm sb be alarmed at/ for /by... be/ feel/ get alarmed to do sound/give/raise the alarm in alarm

  13. 1)I turned in alarm as the wind blew the door open. 2)Something has set the car alarm off. 3)The Red Cross has sounded the alarm about the threat of famine. 4)Her high temperature alarmed the doctors. 5)Prison authorities have become increasingly alarmed by the numbers of prisoners trying to escape.

  14. 1)看门的人一看见烟就发出了警报。 2)“出什么事啦?” 他惊恐地问道。 The door keeper gave the alarm as soon as he saw the smoke. “What’s up?” he asked in alarm. alarm clock alarmed adj. alarming adj.

  15. 3.scan vt. He scanned the horizon ahead, but there was no sign of the convoy(护航船队). The police scanned the whole area but found no trace of her body. I scanned the page quickly for her name. All luggage has to be scanned at the airport. The scan showed the baby was normal.

  16. 4. envy n./v. He was sure that other drivers looked at him with envy. We are in the midst of an economic recovery that is the envy of the world. I envy people who are always confident. I envy you your view of the ocean. We're filled with envy at your success. The boys were green with envy when they saw John’s new car.

  17. 5. declare v. declare + that declare sth open declare sth/ sb to be... declare sb the winner declare war on /against 他声称自己无罪。 政府宣布对毒品交易者宣战。 He declared himself to be innocent. The government declared war on drug dealers.

  18. 1)I was in Germany when war was declared. 2)A state of emergency has been declared in the province. 3)The election was declared invalid. 4)Sarah was declared the winner. 5)Brady declared that he had no intension of giving up the plan. 6)All income from the investments must also be declared.

  19. 6. state n./v. 1)A friend found the girl in the street in a distressed state. 2)The impact seemed to startle him into a state of panic. 3)By the time he got home, he was in a terrible state. 4)“Jemma is going back with me,” George stated firmly.’ 5)He stated that the project would be completed by April. 6)I’m not making excuses, I’m just stating a fact.

  20. 7.divorce v./n. 1)She still refuses to divorce him. 2)Paula’s parents divorced when she was 14. 3)Politics shouldn’t be divorced from the lives of ordinary people. 4)Both of her marriages ended in divorce. 5)Does he have grounds for divorce? 6)She is now a divorced mother of three. 7)After they got divorced, she never remarried.

  21. 8. test out They tested out the new sports car. 他们试验了那辆新跑车。 他想在卖出此产品之前试验一下。 He wished to test out the item before selling it. 经得起考验 stand/bear the test 使……受考验;试验 put …to the test 接受测验 take a test

  22. 9. be bound to Don’t lie to her. She is bound to find out about it. 别对她说谎。她一定会发现的。 我没有义务讨好她。 I am not bound to please her. A plane bound for Germany crashed last week. You are bound to fail without your teacher’s help.

  23. B Exercises • She’s new at the job and ____ make a few mistakes, so don’t be too hard on him. A. supposed to B. bound to C. stick to D. object to 2)If you have any difficulty, just let us know and we will ____you _____. A. work…out B. carry…out C. help…out D. keep…out C

  24. C 3) After she got_____, she never remarried. A. to divorce B. divorcing C. divorced D. divorce 4)It is a small hospital with _____ just over a hundred. A. the crew B. the staff C. the people D. the folks 5)School should make continuous______ of all the teachers’ work. A. comments B. judgments C. assessment D. choices B C

  25. C D 6)She is never wasting money. She has to _____ some for her twin’s education. A. set up B. set off C. set aside D. set out 7) Out of ____ for the homeless children, he gave them shelter for the night. A. approval B. dignity C. shame D. sympathy 8)Although they ____ many experiments the robot needs_______. • carried on; testing on B. carried out; be tested on C. carried on; to be tested out D. carried out; to be tested out D

  26. A 9)We desire that immediate help _____ to the local villagers trapped in the flood. • be given B. will be given C. should give D. is given 10)It’s reported that the disease is accompanied ____ sneering and fever. A. at B. in C. of D. with 11)He doesn’t have adequate money for food, _______ amusements. • leave alone B. let out C. leave for D. let alone D D

  27. B 12)I don’t like to ask people for help as a rule but I wonder if you could ____ me a favor. A. make B. do C. find D. get 13)The patient is seriously ill. Better have him _____ on in no time. A. operate B. to operate C. operating D. operated 14)How I _____ him the pleasure he had during the vacation! A. envy B. admire C. appreciate D. enjoy D A

  28. A 15)With the Internet popular, more people ____ the Internet to buy and sell items. A. turn to B. turn out C. turn over D. turn down 16)I told him you were not in, so he’d____ late. A. hang up B. ring back C. ring off D. hang out 17)It was _____ that only when the fire was under control would the residents be permitted to return to their homes. A. declared B.announced C.suggested D.desired B A

  29. B 18)Was it near the white building, if I may ask, ______ Martin Luther King gave a speech “I have a dream.” • where B. that C. why D. in which 19)Between 2008 and 2010, there were more than 1,000 closedowns in that industry, all of which_____ job losses. A. were bound to B. adapted to C. led to D. devoted to C

  30. B 20. Out there, in the midst of the snow,____ in long, black clothes. A. a woman sat B. sat a woman C. sitting a woman was D. a woman was sitting

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