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Andrew Odell CGI FEDERAL

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Andrew Odell CGI FEDERAL. History. Founded 1976 by Serge Godin and André Imbeau Headquarters located in Montreal, Canada “Consultants to Government and Industry” Employs approx. 68,000 in over 400 offices across 40 countries. History cont.

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andrew odell cgi federal
Andrew Odell


  • Founded 1976 by Serge Godin and André Imbeau
  • Headquarters located in Montreal, Canada
  • “Consultants to Government and Industry”
  • Employs approx. 68,000 in over 400 offices across 40 countries
history cont
History cont.
  • Listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange
  • 2000 Forbes global top 2,000 largest public companies
  • Involved with many Industries
  • Acquired Logica ™ in 2012 for £1.7 Billion
cgi federal
CGI Federal
  • Subsidiary of CGI group
  • Focus on IT and Cloud security
  • Works with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle
  • Has helped over 2,000 government clients in 15 countries
  • Helped 100 federal clients and 200 local/state clients in the U.S. alone
  • More than 95 Canadian Federal Organizations and most territories
  • Governments include: Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, and Australia
about cont
About cont.
  • 2013 North American Company of the Year award for Cloud Computing
  • Defends against 43 million Cyber attacks daily on military and intelligence infrastructure
expansion of cgi group
Expansion of CGI Group
  • 1986: Began Outsourcing
    • “Build and Buy Strategy”
  • 2001: IMR Global
  • 2004: American Management Systems (AMS)
  • 2010: Stanley Inc.
  • 2012: Merger with Logica (Anglo-Dutch Technologies)
problems successes
  • “Scandal”
  • Vermont Healthcare issue
  • Burgernet in Netherlands
healthcare gov
  • Lost a $90 Million contract due to an issue with the website
  • Majority responsible for back end coding of the website (45% according to Washington post)
  • Was blamed by U.S. Government/Obama for not meeting deadline
healthcare gov cont cont.
  • What they don’t want you to know
    • The system requirements were specified by the government late
    • The website was contracted out to a handful of companies that all were working together to build the site on the back end
    • The part CGI was responsible for functioned as it was designed, however not fully complete because rushed
    • The part that truly failed was the integration that was supposed to be done by the government
      • “Scapegoat”
    • Ex: Building a car at GM
vermont healthcare website
Vermont Healthcare Website
  • Worked on website in 2011 (around same time as the contract for the federal website was obtained)
  • Functioned perfectly as intended
    • Issue:
      • Functionality of the website was being changed by government
        • Led to the website not working because it wasn’t intended to be used differently
        • Missed deadlines as a result
food for thought
Food for thought…
  • No where in any article or release has CGI made a statement blaming anyone, nor was willing to comment on the matter.
  • “Family-knit” company
    • Don’t point fingers
  • Established in Netherlands in 2004, eventually tested successfully in 2008/2009
  • Goal was to support police investigations for catching criminals in the act
  • Managed by Dutch Police
  • Since then 10% of 400 monthly arrests directly attributed to Burgernet and 40% involuntarily
conclusions from examples
Conclusions from Examples
  • and Vermont Website:
    • Loss of revenue from contract leading to reduced profits
    • Reputation hurt
  • Burgernet:
    • Shows interest in foreign affairs on a more community based level
    • Increases foreign reputation leading to more contracts/opportunities
  • Not much to do when used as a scapegoat
  • Continue to strive towards the family knit attitude
  • Keep with CGI group expansion strategy




  • VP of Architecture for CGI Federal (wanted to be nameless due to security)