virginia s great presidents
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Virginia’s Great Presidents

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Virginia’s Great Presidents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virginia’s Great Presidents. Presented By Renee S. Brown. Virginia’s Great Presidents. TSW demonstrate Knowledge of the Reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil War. *TSW identify the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia’s economic development.

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virginia s great presidents

Virginia’s Great Presidents



Renee S. Brown

history social sciences sol virginia studies grade 5
TSW demonstrate Knowledge of the Reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil War.

*TSW identify the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia’s economic development.

*TSW identify the political , social, and /or economic contributions made by many famous Virginians

History/Social Sciences SOLVirginia Studies Grade 5
sol virginian born presidents
TSW develop skills for historical and geographical analysis including the ability to:

(a) identify and interpret primary and secondary source documents to understand events in history;

(b) determine cause and effect relationships;

(c) compare and contrast historical events;

(d) draw conclusions and make generalizations;

(e) make connections between past and present;

(f) put events in Virginia history;

(g) interpret ideas and events from different historical perspectives;

(h) evaluate and discuss issues orally and in writing;

(h) evaluate and discuss issues orally and in writing;

(i) analyze and interpret maps to explain relationships amonghistorical events.

Overarching Understandings / Essential Questions

Historical events have cause and effect relationships.

Economic, social and political factors motivate people to change.

What leader did in the past affects what we do today.

What motivates people to change?

What are the causes and effects of an historical event?

How does what leaders did long ago affect our lives today?

lesson 1
Lesson 1

SOL VS.1A TSW identify each president

Lesson 1 without Technology:TSW cut out and match names with each picture

Lesson 1 technology- infused: Click and match each picture by the correct name.

student sample lesson 2
Student Sample Lesson 2

SOL VS.1f TSW arrange in sequential

order the VA born Presidents

Lesson 2 without Technology: Read and find out about each president.

Lesson 2 technology- infused: Fill in Chart using researched information.

lesson 3
Lesson 3

SOL VS1i TSW analyze and interpret maps to explain and locate places of birth for each president.

Lesson 3 without Technology- TSW draw and fill in on map places where each president is born.

Lesson 3 technology- infused:Using the map on disk #3, draw/locate or highlight city or county where each president was born

student sample lesson 3
Student Sample Lesson 3

VIRGINIA BORN PRESIDENTSHarrison, William Henry Charles City CountyJefferson, Thomas Goochland

Madison, James Port ConwayMonroe, James WestmorelandTaylor, Zachary Orange CountyTyler, John Charles City CountyWashington , George Westmoreland CountyWilson,Woodrow Staunton

Use the worksheet and create

A LEGEND with color codes to

Show where each president

Was born.

lesson 4
Lesson 4

SOL TSW read / interpret information from a chart

Lesson 4 without Technology: The student will read from text and answer questions on worksheet,.

Lesson 4 technology- infused: The student will use Diskette #3, find chart and type in information about each president.

Student Sample Lesson 4Use the completed chart to answer the questions on this page using a data base.
  • Which two presidents died while in office ?
  • Which presidents served two terms ?
lesson 5
Lesson 5

SOL TSW use the internet

Lesson 5 without Technology: TSW do research using encyclopedias and other references in the media center;

then record data on worksheet.

Lesson 5 technology- infused:TSW will use the internet and do research using a website; then create a spreadsheet and record data.

student sample lesson 4
Student Sample Lesson 4