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Health on the go

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Health on the go
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Health on the go

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  1. Quick Tip Wellness Health Food, Exercise, Stress relief in a minute! By Nick Lynch S.S.C, C.F.T.

  2. Detoxifying foods • Organic fruits and veggies • Grass fed meats • Omnivorous eggs/chickens • Living foods • Mineral rich • Healthy fats

  3. Fat? Detoxifying? What? • Fat from grain fed animals is bad : ( • Fat from grass fed animals is good : ) • Grass fed has the following that grain does not. • CLA or conjugated linoleic acid (burns fat, lower cholesterol) • Vitamin D, A in abundance • Arachidonic acid • Choline (cholesterol lowering) • Lower in fat content and calories • Activator X (proper mineral absorption • Medium chain fatty acids (a chain of saturated fats that is used by the body for energy) • All the foods listed above function together for a healthier system and therefore detoxify, better brain function, lower health risks, fat loss, etc. You work better with better foods.

  4. Energy Smoothie • Energy Smoothie
6 oz. full fat yogurt1-tablespoon coconut oil (unrefined, extra virgin)
1 egg yolk (pasture raised eggs)
½ tablespoon vanilla
1 banana or ¼ cup berries
1-tablespoon honey (raw, local, the gooier the better)
4 oz water
1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt • Prep time: 4 minutes • Hunger crave: 4 hours+

  5. Coconut oil = energy • • The body can uses coconut oil for energy more rapidly and efficiently than other fat sources. Special fats in coconut oil called medium-chain fatty acids, MCFA’s, are not normally stored in your body as fat. Instead, they’re quickly converted to energy, making coconut ideal for weight loss
• 78% of the fat from coconut oil is MCFA’s
• Small amounts of the MCFA’s in coconut oil are used in the complex processes that enable cells to communicate with each other
• Coconut improves thyroid function 
• People in countries where coconut is an important part of their diet have lower rates of heart disease and cancer than Americans. For example, a report by the National Cancer Institute lists Thailand as having the lowest cancer rates for both men and women out of 50 countries studied. Thailand has the highest coconut consumption in the world.
• Coconut oil is currently used in infant formulas and hospital invalid foods because it confers special health benefits. 
• The fats in coconut oil help fight infections of all kinds including HIV. This is as a result of coconut oils anti-microbial and anti-infection properties.

  6. Coconut recipe • The good morning drink: 
6 oz of water, 1 tablespoon of coconut, 1 tablespoon raw, local honey
*Warm the three up in a pot and then drink. You can add a small amount of honey if need be. • Sandwich: Spread coconut oil on the bread of your sandwich instead of mayo. • Cooking: Use coconut oil for cooking 1-2 tablespoons in the pan. You can also put coconut oil in your tea’s, warm cereal etc. Use the serving size, which is 1 tablespoon per person.

  7. Yummy Yogurt • 8 oz of yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoons of coconut flakes
Small handful of cashews or tablespoon of almond butter Pinch of vanilla as well as Celtic sea salt

  8. Live foods • Yogurt • Cheese • Meat (cooked medium rare or less) • Kombucha and other fermented drinks like Ginger ale, beet kvass, broth, wine etc. • Celtic sea salt • Kefir • Sauerkraut • Kimchi

  9. Sample fast food diet • Breakfast: sprouted cinnamon raison cereal Soak oats in a bowl with water/tablespoon yogurt over night, low boil for 8 minutes in the morning, add cinnamon, raisons, tablespoon honey, pinch Celtic sea salt and whole milk) *Can soak enough oats to last the week, keep in fridge. – 4 minutes tops to make if oats are pre-cooked • Mid morning snack: Energy smoothie See energy smoothie slide for instructions • Lunch: Apple salad/wrap Chopped apple, raw milk cheddar, lettuce, Celtic sea salt, mustard if you want, Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap, coconut oil spread on the wrap. – 5 minutes tops • Dinner: Meat, steamed veggie Low cooked meat of your choice, lightly steamed veggies with pasture butter and Celtic sea salt, eat some sauerkraut or kimchi before or after the meal. –Good time to unwind and think about your day while cooking! *Treats can be enjoyed throughout the day such as dark chocolate, coconut macaroons and dried fruit –unsweetened banana chips, pineapple.

  10. Exercise

  11. Short exercise locations? • 10 minutes of your time to change the whole day around! • No equipment needed, just you and your will • In-home • In-office • Outdoors • Parking lot • Lobby • Basement • Airport • Bus stop • Where ever you feel comfortable

  12. Why bother with the exercise? • Increase levels of stress relieving hormones such as oxytocin • Decrease stress hormones such as cortisol • Increase oxygen flow and blood circulation • Increase feel good chemicals like endorphins • Increase metabolism • Decrease resting heart rate • Increase bone density • Increase ability to handle stress • Increase energy • Increase everything!

  13. 10 minute brisk walk, swing arms freely

  14. Stretching – 6 minutes, deep breathing, hold each stretch for 30 seconds

  15. Backward Lunge, instead of dumbbells use water jugs, books, rocks or other weighted objects, x10-15 each side

  16. Hip extension, x12 each side, exhale when arm/leg extend

  17. Push up on chairs, office desk, window sill, kitchen counter, x10-15, inhale down, exhale with the push

  18. Knee push up, abdominals, x15-20, exhale when knees come off the ground

  19. Side crunch, oblique's-abdominals, 15-20 each side, exhale with the crunch

  20. Lumber Jane’s, abdominals-core, can use books or water jugs for this, x15-20, exhale when standing up

  21. Knee-in, abdominals-core-full body, x10-15 each side, exhale when knee comes in

  22. Alternating superb women's, core-shoulders-hamstrings, x12-15 each side, exhale when arm and leg raise

  23. Hamstrings stretch-squat, legs-abdominals-core, x15, exhale when dropping into squat

  24. Sample 10 minute workout • Hamstring Stretch-squat • Alternating super women's • Knee-in’s • Lumber Jane’s • Push Up on chairs • Lunge with arm raise *Complete the above 6 exercises 2 times each. Go through each exercise one after the other before completing the 2nd set. Or perform 1 set and take 5 minute walk after.

  25. Superb Health is exercise videos came from Level 1 and 3 in-home routines.

  26. Reference • Imsuperb .com • Dr. Mary Enig, Phd • Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon • Nutritionist, Dan Lynch • Chiropractor, Dr. Shane Lynch, DC • Registered Nurse, Natalie Valente RN, BSN • • Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD