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Food On The Go

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Food On The Go - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food On The Go. Purpose of QUT Food on the Go. This app allows the user to order food from the QUT food court, allowing them to avoid waiting in line .

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purpose of qut food on the go
Purpose of QUT Food on the Go
  • This app allows the user to order food from the QUT food court, allowing them to avoid waiting in line.
  • Target users would be able to order from two restaurants at once without having to line up and purchase food/beverage from one and then again from the others.
  • Target user would be able to order from anywhere on campus and also get food delivered anywhere on campus.
  • offer target users discounts each week from different restaurants and will be rewarded with further discounts the more they order on the app.
  • Increase revenue for the QUT food court vendors.
  • A lot of University students, tutors and lecturers don’t have time to wait in the long lines, and some may not have gaps between their classes.
  • The University food court is too crowded and over packed and isan unappealing atmosphere to certain students.
  • Student felt that the food court was getting too expensive over time and would purchase more if there were certain discount available.
target audience
Target Audience
  • QUT University students 17-24, both males and females, tech savvy and non tech savvy with limited time due to school work and other commitment and may not have gaps
  • Busy QUT university tutors/ lecturers
verifying our target audience
Non Target audience:

Do not purchase from food court often.

Bring food into university often - nearly every day

Wouldn't use our app

Would not pay 99cents

Rate 4, 5 / 10

Verifying our target audience

Target audience:

  • Purchase from food court often
  • Don’t have time to go to the food court or don’t like its atmosphere(too busy), Lazy.
  • Barely bring any food into university
  • Would consider using our app
  • Would pay 99cents
  • Rate 8,9,10 / 10
competitor analysis

Domino’s Pizza is an application developed by Domino’s Pizza that is compatible on both Androids and IPhones. This application allows users to make orders via the mobile device. Orders can be picked up or delivered. There is also a real time order tracker, when an order is made. The payment method is via credit card or debit card.

Eat Now is a mobile application that allows users to order from over 2100 local restaurants in Australia. Users can pick up orders or get orders delivered which an extra charge placed depending upon distance. Users have two payment methods, cash or via PayPal, which is more secure. Users receive a txt notification when order is complete.

Competitor analysis

The mobile application developed by Pizza hut that allows users to order Pizza and other food and drinks from the menu. The application gives users the direction and contact detail of the nearest Pizza Hut. The application allows users to order food from Pizza and get it either delivered or users can either pick up food from the nearest Pizza Hut. Payment methods include cash or credit card

unique strengths of qut food on the go
Unique Strengthsof QUT Food On The Go
  • Selfie Feature
  • Suggestion Feature
  • Collect Food from Express Line at participating Restaurants
  • Order from Multiple Food outlets at the Food Court
  • Discount Reward
  • On Campus Delivery
conclusion of qut food on the go
Conclusion of QUT Food on the Go
  • App name is QUT Food on The Go
  • Purpose of the app is to allow our target audience to save time, by ordering food without being physically present at the QUT food court
  • Major features include Delivery of food
  • Discount rewards
  • Collect food from express lane
  • Order from Multiple food outlets