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Fulton Charter System Overview. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: 1,000+ teachers, administrators, & parents attended 7 Community Forums. 80+ students participated in Focus Groups. Convened Principal, Teacher, Parent, Community, & Student Superintendent’s Councils System-wide LSAC & Cluster meetings.

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Conversion to fulton charter system


  • 1,000+ teachers, administrators, & parents attended 7 Community Forums.

  • 80+ students participated in Focus Groups.

  • Convened Principal, Teacher, Parent, Community, & Student Superintendent’s Councils

  • System-wide LSAC & Cluster meetings

Fulton was approved as the state’s largest Charter System on July 1, 2012

Conversion to Fulton Charter System


  • Board voted to pursue & submit Charter System Application to GaDOE


  • District staff analyzed feedback from Fall engagement phase

  • Report submitted to Board

Board voted to pursue and submit Charter System Application

Why implement a charter system
Why Implement a Charter System?

  • Breakthrough results require innovative strategies

  • At MBES we expect the charter system to improve our:

    • Students exceeding expectations on the CRCT

    • Performance on national achievement measures

    • Opportunities for students to engage in STEM Education

    • Opportunities for increased technology use among all students

Fulton charter system basics
Fulton Charter System Basics

What it IS…

What it IS NOT…

A collection of individual charter schools with dissimilar accountabilities

New attendance lotteries or special enrollment requirements

A set of “theme” oriented schools with very different curricula or standards

Different funding formulas for individual schools

Employees hired by the charter school with salaries set by the school.

  • Oneunified system where Superintendent is accountable for student achievement

  • Existing attendance boundariespolicy

  • A systemwide, consistent curriculumwith potential flexibility based on community interest

  • Existing funding formulaper school with potential flexibilities within each school

  • All employees hired and managed by the systemwith a system salary schedule.

Charter system governance framework

Roles and Responsibilities

Long-term Strategy

Local School Flexibility

School Community Engagement

Charter System Governance Framework

Improving Student Achievement

Roles and Responsibilities

System-wide Planning

Data Systems

Instructional Support

Equitable Resources and Infrastructure

Federal Program Management

Roles and Responsibilities

System Policy

Required District Best Practices



Ultimate Accountability for Results

Sgc responsibilities
SGC Responsibilities

  • Approve the school strategic plan

  • Approve the annual budget recommendations

  • Request flexibility from District for innovation

  • Participate in hiring of the Principal, when vacant

  • Provide annual feedback on Principal performance

Members of the sgc
Members of the SGC

1 – Principal (non-voting)

3 – Parents/Guardians (elected)

2 – Teachers (elected)

2 – School Employees (appointed)

2 – Community Members (nominated)

+ 2 – Students (HS only; non-voting)

10 Member Council (ES, MS)

12 Member Council (HS)

Sgc member commitments
SGC Member Commitments

  • Attend the SGC meetings (at least 75% - resignation may be requested for lack of attendance)

  • Serve on a SGC committee (attend 75% of committee meetings)

  • Interact with school community

  • Participate in mandatory trainings and SGC assessment processes

Sgc elections management
SGC Elections Management

  • Central administration will coordinate and administer SGC elections

    • Guidelines for Candidacy and Voting Aug./Sept.

    • Community Information Sessions Sept./Oct.

    • Candidate Declaration Sept./Oct.

  • Elections for all Cohort 2 schools will occur at the same time

    1 week in mid-to-late November

Sgc elections voting
SGC Elections - Voting

All votes will be cast electronically through an online election system within the FCS portal and tallied by an external vendor. Elections results are submitted to principals within 10 days of the close of the voting window.

  • All votes are anonymous

  • Parent/Guardian voters use Home Access Codes to vote

    • 1 vote per parent for each school for which they have a child

  • School employees use employee login to vote

SGC Cohort 2 Start-Up Timeline

July-September 2013

October-December 2013

January-February 2014

March - June 2014


School Year

Planning Year

Year 1

School Governance Council elections for parents and teachers

School Governance Council school employee and community member appointments

Approve school Strategic Plan

Approve school budget recommendations

Submit requests for “earned” flexibility options

Feedback on principal performance

Cohort 2 principal orientation

Cohort 2 Community Information Sessions


of School Governance Council members

Certified School Governance Councils in place

Initiate strategic planning process

Submit requests for “universal” flexibility options

Immediate next steps
Immediate Next Steps

  • Candidate guidelines and information sessions for potential SGC members available in September

  • Candidates indicate interest in September/October

  • Election dates set for mid-late November

    • Get Home Access Codes now!!

  • Training for principals in innovative practices throughout the school year


More Information

For more information visit the Charter System Implementation page on the FCS website at: