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Planning Retreat Evaluation

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Planning Retreat Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning Retreat Evaluation
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  1. Planning Retreat Evaluation We had 38 surveys returned. Several respondents checked multiple volunteer responsibilities.

  2. How long have you been a volunteer with a CPS organization?

  3. I have a solid understanding of the responsibilities required for my role.

  4. What could have been done differently • Nice job with chartering the DTF team • I think there is a learning curve for a challenge master and having a list of specific duties/timeline would be helpful • Nothing, part of this is uncertainty • Nothing, I am embracing uncertainty • I still could use a final training session • Nothing, we are supposed to be a little unsure • The beginning of developing a process is hard to rate. We’ll see what the follow thru is, that can be rated. • Nothing, I am trying to live with uncertainty • Provide feedback from TMs as to what they see our role to be/what they need from us • A step by step description of what we would be doing. But I don’t think I am supposed to know exactly what I’m doing yet • More understanding about will happen

  5. I developed stronger relationships with the people in my region and across the state

  6. What could have been done differently • Talking to more people…I don’t talk a lot so it is my fault • Knowing who to talk to and have people talk to me • Understanding where we are coming from • As an experienced CM most everyone was known. Introduce 10 new people to our region • Very good job, relationships are built on time and exposure • A little more unstructured time to spend together • More time- but we used the time well • Things like the retreat, getting together and sitting with others not in your challenge, social events. Tournament are too hectic to talk to people. • More time to talk to individuals. I’m not expecting it or asking for it. • Nice to have people to bond with • Social functions are great for building relationships • I liked meeting meeting with the regional directors to get to know who’s who

  7. I am excited about the possibilities for Colorado Extreme Creativity and the kids we serve

  8. What could have been done differently • Always leave the retreat charged! • Great ideas and information exchange • Nothing • I like the program, I like being a challenge master. I love what DI did for my child. I would like ideas on what to say in a short space of time to convey what DI is and how important it is to the whole education of our children.

  9. Expectations for this retreat • Getting to know Kris and Kate, getting to know different people, learning more • More concrete planning • I am not sure what expectations I had, just that I very much want to enhance the opportunities in the state for people to experience creative problem solving.

  10. Did the retreat meet your expectations

  11. What could have been done differently • This was the best retreat meeting that I have attended. It was the first time I have seen financial accounting and the kickoff for the DTF team was a great opportunity • Soda • I very well spent day • Actually it was excellent from many perspectives • Too much time in meetings and not enough time after Sat. session to come back to prepare dinner. • I honestly had no idea what would happen • I only give a “4” because lots of work had been done in the past, with no change. I remain somewhat concerned that real change will not occur. • Establish the theme/goal earlier/at the outset. Purposes of the exercise wasn’t opportune. • I don’t know what I was expecting, so there was nothing to meet • I had no idea what to expect, so it couldn’t have possibly met the expectation I didn’t have • I had no expectations • I had no expectations prior to this meeting

  12. What would like to see covered at future annual retreats • It was all wonderful • Publicity • I liked the 1-day format. Bob did a great job of keeping things moving • More interactions between roles • How can we consolidate our resources. Implementation of previous years work/plans. How was what we did implemented, were our ideas used • Specific items to implement • Products to sell, fundraising • Review of the past year and plans for the upcoming year. Participation and kick off of any improvement activities • Practical, hands-on things to take home • Devise training for the head appraisers, more of the same as today • Answers • Don’t know yet • More time with same positioned people • I’m useless with these types of questions. I believe you know more than I do and trust you to cover what’s needed  • Vision and strategy with action items • Our future meeting places

  13. What would you like to see covered at this year’s CM meetings • Role of CMs in building the future of the organization • Consistency, how is it defined • Detailed discussion not a rush to see who can get don the fastest and go home • 100% attendance or deal with those absent • Training for head appraiser how to give more help to RCMs that don’t know they need it • More time to flesh out and fix small tournament issues • How to handle difficult issues at tournaments • Training issues, how to make it more TM friendly, kid friendly • How to handle delivering scores positively and handling potentially controversial results with the teams, constructively. And to avoid escalating unnecessarily leaving people with a positive feeling • Roles and responsibilities

  14. What would you like to see covered at this year’s CM meetings • How can we be more consistent . Complete list and timeline that we developed, some specific training on conflict resolution for teams at the tournament. Discussion of deductions. • Using website • The nuances of the challenge • Training, volunteers, appraisers • More about problems and suggested solutions • What struggles we will face and how to deal with them. • What can ACMs do to help. Is there any way to tap into the ICMs regarding problem development and possible issues. • Consistency • Publicity, recruitment, staying awesome

  15. What would you like to see covered at this year’s TM meetings • Support, support, support • Stress interference, and how it doesn’t help the kids’ creativity grow • TM skills; challenge understanding, new skills workshops • How to be an effective team manger, what not to do, specifics as much as possible, not just “no interference” • Reaching out to the TMs they know that are not attending training • Better training • How to impact • Better reassurance TM that it will be fun and emphasize how it helps kids. Prevent drop-outs. • Training

  16. What would you like to see covered at this year’s TM meetings • The availability of resources for TMs to prevent alienation • Making the whole training less BORING. Start to final process, forming a team through tournament, good demonstration of problem, actual team • Bring back breakout sessions in some form, info is being lost • Better IC training • Regular challenge breakouts, intro to DI for new TMs, some help with building TM skills, maybe roundtable, good interference info • Outside assistance • Somehow get back to specialized sessions for all tTMs, not just experienced. Separate “elective” day. • Some ways to help high schoolers and how to keep students as alumni • TM mentoring concepts, resource list

  17. What would you like to see covered at this year’s Appraiser meetings • Considerations about what possible solutions are out there? • Conversation about consistency • Reward for volunteering being boring • Good understanding of challeng, how to “award” points, deduction guidelines, general discussion about how to judge creativity • Training for head appraisers with RCMs attending • Recruit your friends • More interesting actual team presentation, judged by challenge masters of that problem • The ability to involve more people and maintain a high QOS among them. • Raising awareness outside the core groups • Help them be more confident and effective • What to expect • Fun • Hands on appraising, matrix scoring

  18. What can we do to help you • Nothing, just keep doing what you're doing for DI • Just keep the info flowing • Keep contact info in a consistent, accessible place for all participants, volunteers, parents and kids • Keep us in the loop as much as possible • Just keep up what you are doing in the current direction • Some of the organizational work/database for resou8rce will be helpful. Being available and responsive • Nothing, I want to help you • Keep communications open and let us know how we can help • Just keep me informed • Better emails

  19. List one goal you have for your work with Colorado Extreme Creativity • Reach more kids • Grow my region, we need more teams • Train the next generation of creative thinkers • Expand the program to non-traditional students • To get kids EVERYWHERE involved • Be more involved as a RD • Make it the best possible experience for each person who I come in contact with • “Shout it from the mountain tops” Name recognition • Recruit HS students to volunteer in score room • Try appraising a challenge • Personal transformation for all involved • My goal this year is to be a better challenge master, I want to be the best 1st line resource for TMs • So many

  20. List one goal you have for your work with Colorado Extreme Creativity • Highest quality of appraisers possible • Improve involvements and judgments • To make it awesomely popular • Start preparing sooner, don’t procrastinate • Increasing alumni participation • Make it fun and open • Establish/maintain better communication with TM • Expand the program in ways not thought of before • Help create the best experience for everyone • A big bright future