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WAP ARRA Federal Reporting Webinar First Quarter Findings and Program Concerns for: Section 1512 WinSaga. Presenters Jenae Bjelland Director of Research National Association for State Community Services Programs [email protected] (202) 624-5850 Bob Scott

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Jenae Bjelland

Director of Research

National Association for State Community Services Programs

[email protected]

(202) 624-5850

Bob Scott

Director of Weatherization Services

National Association for State Community Services Programs

[email protected]

(202) 624-5867

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Section 1512 Report and Summary

WinSaga Summary

Concerns Over Production and Expenditures

DOE Response to Problems

Ongoing Problems in ARRA

This presentation will be posted on

www.nascsp.org and www.waptac.org

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1512 first quarter findings overview l.jpg
1512 First Quarter Findings- Overview

  • All 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands have submitted their first quarter ARRA Section 1512 Reports for the Weatherization Assistance Program.

  • Information from Section 1512 Reports are the main source of information for media sources and general public

  • This information is posted on www.recovery.gov

First quarter findings amount of award l.jpg
First Quarter Findings –Amount of Award

  • Total Amount reported as awarded: $4,691,441,950

  • The smallest Award amount reported was: $795,000 (Northern Mariana Islands)

  • The median Award amount reported was: $56,441,771 (Kansas)

  • The largest Award amount reported was:

  • $394,686,513 (New York)

First quarter findings funds received invoiced l.jpg
First Quarter Findings –Funds Received/Invoiced

  • 10 of 54 eligible entities reported that they did not invoice funds during this first quarters report.

  • The lowest non-zero amount reported as being received/invoiced was: $860 (Connecticut)

  • The median amount reported as being received/invoiced was: $1,295,385 (Nebraska)

  • The highest amount reported as being received/invoiced was: $28,397,966 (New York)

First quarter findings expenditure l.jpg
First Quarter Findings – Expenditure

  • 6 of 54 eligible entities reported that they received zero funds & had zero expenditures.

  • The lowest expenditure reported was: $1,114

    (South Dakota)

  • The median expenditure reported was: $1,476,020 (Alabama)

  • The highest expenditure reported was: $28,397,966 (New York)

First quarter findings jobs created retained l.jpg
First Quarter Findings –Jobs Created/Retained

  • Total number of jobs created/retained: 4,362.64

  • 8 eligible entities reported creating/retaining zero jobs.

  • Most eligible entities created/retained zero to 5 jobs.

  • 4 eligible entities reported creating/retaining over 100 jobs.

Winsaga report information l.jpg
WinSaga Report Information

  • Production (not on 1512)

    • 7,337 units of projected 591,092 (1.24%)

  • Outlays – 12 states matched 1512 Expenditures

    • Majority did not

  • Jobs – 4 states matched “Jobs Created” from 1512

    • Majority did not

    • Evidence that jobs are not being reported the same way

Concerns from report data l.jpg
Concerns from Report Data

  • Inconsistencies in Reporting

  • Need to standardize the methodology

  • WAP way behind in goals

    • Production

    • Expenditures

    • Jobs

Concerns from report data14 l.jpg
Concerns from Report Data

  • WAP still called poster child for ARRA but many view ARRA WAP as failing

  • Incredible political pressure to get to 30,000 houses/month with corresponding expenditures and jobs

  • Analysis of report data leads to some pretty bizarre conclusions (cost per job created, particularly if you factor out Ohio)

Doe response l.jpg
DOE Response

  • Operation Green Light - Upper Management and Staff visiting 14 states where they believe there are major concerns

  • Pressure from outside sources and from within DOE to examine network capabilities

  • Can WAP network succeed in ARRA and be a gateway to other green economy initiatives?

Have the problems been resolved l.jpg
Have the Problems Been Resolved?

  • DB Wage Determinations completed end of August

  • Contract language provided

  • DB 5+ story building guidance issued – WPN 10-4

  • Remaining Questions on –

  • Historic Preservation

  • DB rules for electrical and plumbing work

  • Other state issues

Have the problems been resolved17 l.jpg
Have the Problems Been Resolved?

  • DOE believes the major issues have been resolved and all states should be using ARRA funds for production

    • Any remaining problems seen as minor or reconcilable

Outstanding barriers l.jpg
Outstanding Barriers

  • NASCSP wants to ask participants several questions to answer in Webinar

  • NASCSP will not attribute any individual answers to participant or state

  • NASCSP will use the questions and answered received during this webinar to assess unresolved issues that are preventing ARRA production