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Unit 4 Changing times

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Unit 4 Changing times. I. Lead-in Background information II. Language Points Sentence Study Word Study III. Guided Writing IV. Presentation and Exercises. Lead-in Background Information.

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unit 4 changing times
Unit 4 Changing times
  • I. Lead-in
  • Background information
  • II. Language Points
  • Sentence Study
  • Word Study
  • III. Guided Writing
  • IV. Presentation and Exercises
lead in background information
Lead-inBackground Information

This was written in 1972 by Russell Baker (1925- ), a well-known American journalist and writer. It was collected by Sandra Fehl Tropp and Ann Pierson D’Angelo in their edited book Essays in Context (2000), published by Oxford University Press. The essay leads readers to think from a child’s perspective and to evaluate how a job is seen and understood in corporate America. It uses satire and humour to illustrate the writer’s critical views on corporate America.

career planning
Career planning

Factors you may consider when choosing a job.





Factors in Job choosing



career planning1
Career planning

What career is best for you? Read the questions and decide which one is the suitable answer for you.

career planning2


Career planning

1. Do you love helping people?

If “Yes”, perhaps a career in one of the “service” fields such as education, health or social work would be the best choice for you. A few positions in the service industry you might want to consider include: teacher, college professor, instructor, doctor, nurse, massage therapist, occupational therapist, life coach or social worker.

career planning3


Career planning

2. Do you enjoy shopping?

If “Yes”, you might want to consider a career path in “retail” as a buyer for a department store. Possible retail positions include: store buyer, buyer, retail associate, store manager or assistant manager.

career planning4


Career planning

3. Do you enjoy design?

If “Yes”, Perhaps a career path in “fashion” or “art” or “graphic web design” would appeal to you. Positions in these career fields can include: fashion designer, graphic web designer, art instructor.

language points sentences study sentence 1



Language PointsSentences Study Sentence 1

It is not surprising that modern children tend tolook blank and dispirited when informed that they willsomeday have to "go to work and make a living". (Para. 1)

look blank 意思为not understand it。句型 it is not surprising that 也可以改为:it is not surprising for modern children to tend to … dispirited 意思为low in spirits, or depressed.


sentence 2



Sentence 2

… it is a safe bet that the average systems analyst is as baffled about what a spacesalesman does at the shop as the average space salesman is about the tools needed to analyze a system. (Para. 6)

average: lacking special distinction, rank, or status;普通的。在 As+ adj.+as 句型中第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词,意思“为和······一样”,在句中做表语。


sentence 3



Sentence 3

Constructed as a piece of junk, thebuilding will be discarded when it wears out, andanother piece of junk will be set in its place. (Para. 9)

It is a typical sentence using irony to create empathy, the writer regard the 12-story glass building is a piece of junk, even people working in it is making junk.Constructed as a piece of junk,在句中作表原因的状语。Set in意为 become established。


word study corporate adj
Word Studycorporate adj.

of or belonging to a corporation


  • The owner opened a corporate checking account at the bank.
  • Our corporate headquarters are in Madrid.
  • Some companies are introducing ethics into their corporate culture in a big way.
corporate adj
corporate adj.

Complete the sentences with words in the column.

1. We should develop the ability of _____________ when working with others.

2. It is said that the new product create a good chance to display our __________ culture.

3. His father works in Beijing foreign trade ____________, so he choose to learn international trade in his college.

4. Only by ____________ perfectly can we finish the task in such a short time.

corporate corporation cooperate cooperation





visualize vt
visualize vt.

imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind

  • Translate the following sentences.
  • 你能想象住在那里么?
  • Can you visualize living there?
  • 他试图想象他祖父的样子。
  • He attempted to visualize his grandfather’s
  • appearance.

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. He had visualize his future as a college student.


2. Linda usually visualized the day of marriage.


inquisitive adj

inquiring or appearing to inquire;showing curiosity

Complete the sentences with inquisitive, curious and peery.

(1) She is _________________ about nearly everything.

(2) I cannot bear her ______ character,

so I am to leave her alone.

(3) I am __________________ about

what is your opinion on this matter.




curious 和inquisitive的意义和用法相似,用法都是be curious/inquisitive about sth/sb. 而peery侧重的是一种怀疑和试探,更带有窥视的意义在里面。

jot n

a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note

Think of words or expressions with similar meaningto jot down.

note down

take down

put down

mark down

Make sentences with jot down.

  • 你离开以前让我先记下你的电话号码。
  • Let me jot down your phone number before you leave.
  • (2)警察匆匆抄下牌照号码。
  • The police jotted down the license number.
disapprove v

deem wrong or inappropriate

Complete the sentences with appropriate prepositions.

1. His attitude of_________________ our plan made me quiet disappointed.

2. Her parents _________________ her marriage strongly.

disapproving of

disapproved of

words or expressions with similar meaning.

disagree with sb./ what sb. said

object to sth.

disapprove (of) sth.

be against sth.

margin n
 marginn.

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

Figure out the meaning of margin in the following sentences.

(1) We came to the margin of the wood.

(2) We allowed a margin of twenty minutes in case the bus was late.

(3) He passed the exam by a narrow margin.

(4) They were an old couple living on the margin of respectability.





mull v
 mullv.

reflect deeply on a subject

Translate the sentences:


I sat there and tried to mull things over in my mind.

Complete the sentences with mull over, think over or speculated on.

(1) I _______________ the events of the afternoon.

(2) philosophers have ________________ the question of God for thousands of years .

(3) He always __________ carefully before he acted.

mulled over

speculated on

think over

Words or expressions with similar meaning.

careful consideration ripe deliberation

sufficient reflection chew over

come get to grips with
come/get to grips with

Translate the following sentences.

(1)A good teacher should not only impart knowledge to his students but also encourage them to come /get to grips with the problems in a certain area.



He volunteered to go to the remote mountainous region to come to grips with poverty and disease there.

it s safe bet that
 It’s safe bet that

a future prospect or potential

Translate the following sentences.

1. It’s safe bet that she will lose her best friend because of such a small case.


2. It’s safe bet that he will run out of his money in a month in this way.


It’s more likely that

It has great possibility that

It’s probably that

It’s possible that

Words or expressions with similar meaning.

it beats me
( it ) beats me …

Think of words or expressions with similar meaning to ( it ) beats me...

be in the dark about

I know nothing about that

I've no idea

be ignorant of

Make sentences with (it) beats me...


Beats me why he wants such a big car.

in a fashion
in a … fashion

Match the expressions with their meanings.

(1) Donna can sing after a fashion.

(2) Long skirts for women are no longer in fashion.

(3) She can play the piano in a fashion.

(4) She will be working out her problems in her own fashion.


  • 流行,很时髦
  • 以······方式
  • 多少,勉强


guided writing
Guided Writing
  • When we give examples, we intend them as an illustration of the main point or argument of the sentence, or paragraph of a passage. Here are some of the words and expressions we can use.
  • For example is probably the most common way of introducing an example, and can be used at the beginning of a sentence, or within the sentence, enclosed by commas.
  • Take the example of and imagine introduce real or hypothetical examples that the writer goes on to discuss.
presentation and exercises

Presentation and Exercises

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