Taco lu baja mexicana
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Taco Lu! Baja Mexicana!. Who is Lu? By: Speakman Smith. Who is Lu?.

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Taco lu baja mexicana

Taco Lu!Baja Mexicana!

Who is Lu?

By: Speakman Smith

Who is lu
Who is Lu?

  • When they say that at the restaurant they mean, “what is so special about Taco Lu”. What is so special about Taco Lu is that there tacos aren’t the ones that you would normally get from taco bell. These taco’s are special and my family figured that out right when we entered the door. It was crowded with people ! We had to park across the street to get in! I am hear to tell you all, why Taco Lu is the best authentic Mexican restaurant ever!

The day of the dead
The day of the dead

  • When we first walked in we saw lots of skeletons hanging on walls. I wondered why would they have skeletons on the walls for decorations? So when the boss came to our table she told us that the skeletons represented the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a Mexican holiday. On that day they celebrate, in remembrance of there lost ones.

Our waitress
Our waitress

  • When we walked in we were greeted warmly by our waitress Lorelle.

  • She was very nice and

    recommended many things.

  • She was very happy

    When we asked to take a



  • The appetizer was guacamole. It was really good with chips. I had never had guacamole at a restaurant so I was pretty surprised when it had its seeds in it.

My entr e
My entrée

  • Since she said everything was good I decided to try the Baja Fish Taco.

My inner thoughts on this entrée: This was a very delicious entrée because it was filled with different flavors no matter were you bite from, the pico and lime really toped it off.

Julian s entr e
Julian’s entrée

  • Julian had the spicy grape salad I have to say it was pretty good, especially when they marinated the grapes with homemade sauce.

Julian’s inner thought’s on this entrée: Julian told me that this entrée was really good especially the grapes they were nice and sweet in the beginning and then it got spicy. It mixed perfectly with the salad and homemade sauce.

Mommy s entr e
Mommy’s entrée

  • Mommy had some spinach rice which she told me was really good.

Mommy’s inner thoughts on her entrée: This more is than average rice because of its spinach flavor and the wonderful taste it has! It’s also good for you!

Daddy s entr e
Daddy’s entrée

  • Daddy had an enchilada which they called Roja.

My Dad’s inner thoughts: this is not your traditional enchilada instead of flipped it was stacked and it was very good with egg which I had never had before.


  • The dessert was awesome, it was fried tortitas with ice cream sprinkled in cinnamon.

The menu
The menu

  • Here is the menu just in case you want to stop by someday (which I highly recommend).


  • Thank you Taco Lu for your wonderful food.

  • Thank you Lorelle for serving us.

  • Thank you Mom and Dad for taking me.

  • Thank you Julian for enduring the pain.

  • Thank you Senora Gallo for this awesome project!