quick answers for chemistry inoculation and microstructure l.
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Thermal Analysis of Foundry Metals PowerPoint Presentation
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Thermal Analysis of Foundry Metals

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Thermal Analysis of Foundry Metals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quick answers for Chemistry, Inoculation and Microstructure. Presented by MeltLab Systems 2010. Thermal Analysis of Foundry Metals. Molten metal is poured into a sampling cup containing a thermal couple . The Process. Takes about 30 seconds of operator time, results in 2 to 6 minutes.

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Thermal Analysis of Foundry Metals

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the process

Molten metal is poured into a sampling cup containing a thermal couple

The Process

Takes about 30 seconds of operator time, results in 2 to 6 minutes

the theory

Phase diagrams measure the transition points from liquid to solid, from one structure to another.

The Theory

Iron-Carbon phase diagram

data presentation

As simple or as complex as you like

Includes all phase diagram information

And alloy correction calculations

Data Presentation
data storage

User controlled files

  • Connects with our GSPC system for
    • On the floor monitoring
    • SpectrometerLab to include results with Chemistry
    • Long term historical files for record keeping and, with GSPC, graphic analysis
Data Storage
methods of analysis

Iron Chemistry

Ductile Microstructure

Grey Microstructure

Aluminum 300 Series

Steel & High Temperature Alloys

Copper Alloys

Other Metals – Sterling Silver

Methods of analysis
necessary improvements

Higher precision to get 16 fold improvement

Invented new data smoothing methods

Researched TA for better understanding of data

Redesigned instrument for the foundry environment

Evangelized to try to get the word out

Necessary Improvements
foundry requirements

Shielded wiring to prevent furnace power from getting into the measurement

  • Proper electrical grounding to provide a reference to measure from
  • Proper Metal Sampling
    • Hot enough that all alloys are dissolved (1400˚C)
    • If final metal, then fully inoculated/treated
    • Full sample cup
Foundry Requirements
meltlab capabilities

The following slides are meant to show the capabilities of MeltLab. They show details that may be more complex than you would want to display to the melters. But they can be useful to the quality of the metal. Our philosophy is that it is better to have more than you need rather than to have less than you need. The graphs have been shrunk for this presentation.

MeltLab Capabilities
other alloys

If you have any particular alloy you need to measure, MeltLab has the capability to:

Measure any arrest point or phase change

Based on phase diagram or chemical analysis, develop equations to convert arrest points into chemistry

Measure and quantify the amounts of the different phases detected.

Other Alloys

Thermal analysis is now giving faster results than any lab can do

Gives feedback in time to make corrections

MeltLab is already two generations beyond what any other TA unit can do.

Visit www.meltlab.com for more information on what can be done.


Presented by MeltLab Systems


MeltLab Systems based in the United States of America is the inventor of the MeltLab system, Graphic Statistical Process Control and other software designed for foundries.

contact information

MeltLab Systems www.meltlab.com

General Information: info@meltlab.com

David Sparkman: david@meltlab.com

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