how do i get started using the internet world wide web l.
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How Do I Get Started Using the Internet / World Wide Web ?

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How Do I Get Started Using the Internet / World Wide Web ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Do I Get Started Using the Internet / World Wide Web ?. Presentation for Michigan State Horticultural Show December 8, 1999. Roger Brook Professor and Extension Engineer Agricultural Engineering Department Michigan State University E.Lansing, MI 48824

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Presentation Transcript
how do i get started using the internet world wide web

How Do I Get Started Using the Internet / World Wide Web ?

Presentation for

Michigan State Horticultural Show

December 8, 1999

Roger Brook

Professor and Extension Engineer

Agricultural Engineering Department

Michigan State University

E.Lansing, MI 48824

deciding to get connected
Deciding to Get Connected

Today I hope to help you think about how you might use internet services

  • What Computer Stuff Do I Need?
  • Choosing an ISP ( Internet Service Provider )
  • Examples of Horticulture Related Information
  • Finding and Identifying Good Information
what is the internet web
What is the Internet / Web ?

A collection of connected computers that communicate with each other in a “common language”




once you are on the internet you can
Once you are “on the internet” you can
  • read available web pages
  • send / receive email
  • ask / answer question on a newsgroup
  • find address, telephone, email
  • have “real-time” chats via the keyboard
  • have “real-time” video communications
  • order products
what computer hardware
What Computer Hardware?
  • Necessary
    • internal components
    • external peripherals
  • Nice, if affordable
  • MS Windows oriented
    • check computer supplier for similar Apple Macintosh or Linux equipment
internal computer hardware
Internal Computer Hardware
  • CPUIntel 486 or better, Pentium I / II / III, Celeron; Cyrix M II, 5x86, Media GX, 6x86 MX; AMD K6-2, Athlon
  • memory 32Mb or more; 64Mb recommended (memory is currently cheap); 128K cache or more
  • graphic interface 4 Mb memory minimum, or using conventional memory
  • disk storage several gigabytes (4 Gb seems to be the low end of new machines); 3-1/2” floppy
  • CD-ROM drive for loading software
  • modem 56K bps v.90PCI data or data/fax ( depending on line quality, transmission speed may be less )
external computer hardware
External Computer Hardware
  • monitor 15" or larger; 0.28" or smaller dot pitch
  • keyboard 101 key, full-size
  • screen pointer mouse, touch pad, track-ball
  • printer ink jet, laser, dot-matrix
  • telephone line not a PBX line
nice but not necessary
Nice, But Not Necessary
  • sound card and speakers
  • microphone
  • network card if you have an office network or will be using a cable or satellite connection
  • DVD ( digital video disk )replaces CD-ROM, still want to be able to read CD-ROM discs
  • ZIP drive, LS-120 Superdrive, CDRW(writable CD-ROM) or other removable media

HP Computer System quoted from December 6, 1999

CPU 450 MHz Intel® Pentium® III Processor

Memory 64 MB SDRAM

Disk Drives 13.0 GB Hard Drive; LS-120 Superdisk Drive

CD ROM 40X Max. Speed CD ROM Drive

Graphics 8 MB Nvidia RIVA TNT Vanta

Monitor 17" S70 Monitor

Modem K56flex V.90 DSVD Modem

Sound Card Creative Audio PCI 128

Speakers Premium Polk Audio Speakers

Other One year limited warranty

Expandable chassis and motherboard

Keyboard/ Scrolling Mouse

Software Windows 98 Operating System Software

Microsoft Works, Money, Encarta

HP Pavilion Software Suite

SYSTEM PRICE $1,384.00

making the computer speak internet software needed
Making the Computer Speak Internet (Software Needed)
  • Computer operating system
    • Windows 95 / 98 / NT, Linux, Mac
  • Web browser
    • Internet Explorer
    • Netscape
  • Email software (included with Browser)
  • Application software
    • Adobe Acrobat reader
    • Realplayer

Hi, web

world ...

url universal resource locator
URL - Universal Resource Locator
  • Address used to find specific Web pages
  • http://www.server.domain/structure
    • http Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    • www generally used, but not always
    • server server name where page is stored
    • domain: com, org, net, edu, gov, mil
    • structure location on that server
    • serv er: egr.msu
    • domain: edu
    • structure: age/BE
electronic mail email
Electronic Mail -- EMAIL

Your private post office around the world

email addresses you@isp domain country
Email Addresses
  • you - your email name
  • ISP - your Internet Service Provider
  • domain - com, org, net, edu, gov, mil
  • country - not used for US addresses; generally a 2-letter designator


Illustration of email

composer in Netscape


Outlook Express email

package used by

Internet Explorer

making email effective
Making Email Effective
  • use a name and return address
  • use a subject line
  • do NOT use only uppercase
  • use bullets instead of long paragraphs
  • put blank line between paragraphs
  • if relying to a message, use parts of original
  • use spell cheeck (if available)
  • email is sent immediately; think twice before sending something offensive
email hoaxes and viruses
Email Hoaxes and Viruses
  • Most email you receive that offers freebies is a hoax; don’t forward
  • Most email you receive that warns of dire deeds is a hoax; exceptions include Melissa; if in doubt check before forwarding to the world http:\\\~virus-busters
  • Computer viruses are real, but mostly reside in programs; install and use a virus checker (see above)
the internet service provider
The Internet Service Provider
  • Servers permanently connected to the Internet / Web
  • Email service - collect incoming; send outgoing
  • Store and make your web pages available to others
  • Provide connections to other Internet servers (URL)
what to look for in an isp
What to Look for in an ISP
  • Registration or joining fee
  • Pricing plans offered
  • Length of service agreement
  • Provides starter kit / hardware discount
  • Technical support services
  • Access telephone number / method
  • Email / web page access / web page hosting / newsgroup access
customer support
Customer Support
  • Very important for new users
  • Access hours and response time
  • Cost for technical support (free)
  • Ask other users about their experiences
  • If they don’t answer your questions while you are shopping, will they after you are a subscriber?
fruit sites
Fruit Sites
  • Dr. Ron Perry Home Page:
  • Dr. William Johnson, Cornell University -- includes USDA rootstock research reports:
  • Virtual Orchard -- dissemination of information on all aspects apple production:
  • Fruit Grower News ‘on-line’ edition:
  • IDFTA, the International Dwarf Fruit Tree Association:
  • Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center:
  • Diagnostic keys to insect and disease pests of the mid-Atlantic region:
  • Facts for Fancy Fruit from Purdue:
  • Scab-resistant Apple Cultivars from University of Vermont Apple Orchard:
ipm information and newsletters
IPM Information and Newsletters
  • IPM information at Michigan State University:
  • Cat Alerts -- MSU fruit pest and crop newsletter:
  • Scaffolds -- Fruit IPM news from Cornell, New York:
  • Plant & Pest Advisory Newsletters from Rutgers:
  • The Good Fruit Grower -- an industry magazine that covers aspects of fruit growing and marketing:
  • National IPM Network:
  • IPM in the Northeast Region:
  • MSU Agricultural Weather Office -- weather forecasts, growing degree day information, precipitation totals, and other weather data available on state and regional basis:
bulletins and databases
Bulletins and Databases
  • MSU Extension Information Access Center:
  • Small Fruit -- educational materials indexed by MSU Information Access Center:
  • Tree Fruit -- educational materials indexed by MSU Information Access Center:
  • AgNIC -- a distributed network of agriculture-related information, subject experts and resources:
  • Fruit Pathology at Pennsylvania State University:
  • Postharvest Bulletins from North Carolina State University:
  • Apple publications from Washington State University Extension:
  • Horticulture pubs from University of Wisconsin:
msu and friends
MSU and Friends
  • Michigan Apple Committee:
  • Michigan Dept of Agriculture:
  • MSU Home Page:
  • MSU Extension Home Page:
  • MSU Agriculture Experiment Station:
  • MSU Department of Horticulture:
  • MSU Hort outreach programs:
  • VanBuren County District Fruit Programs :
  • Clarksville Research and Extension Center:
  • SW Michigan Research and Extension Center, SWMREC:
  • NW Michigan Horticulture Experiment Station, NWMHRS:
  • MSU Fruit Area of Expertise Team:
finding people address and map
Finding People: Address and Map
  • AT&T AnyWho Info -- find address and phone number of people and businesses:
  • Reverse Phone Lookup -- Enter a U.S. phone number to find its owner:
  • Search the “white pages” for postal address, phone number and email address:
  • Search the “yellow pages” for business information:
  • Search for companies with specific products (some with web pages):
finding and identifying good information
Finding and Identifying Good Information

It’s on the web,

therefore its ...

effective web searching
Effective Web Searching
  • Search Guides – divide information in categories; provide a thumb-nail review of a site; useful for “popular” inquiries; examples: Yahoo, Infoseek
  • Search Engines – look at sites to find words or phrases; useful for specific inquires not indexed by a search guide; examples Altavista, AskJeeves, Googles
some internet search engines
Some Internet Search Engines
  • www.
better inquiries with search engines
Better Inquiries with Search Engines
  • use “quotation marks“ for specific phrases
    • using Roger Brook finds 592,050 web pages
    • using “Roger Brook” finds 88 web pages
    • using “Roger C. Brook” finds 10 web pages
  • use + (plus) and - (minus) signs
    • “James Bond” +”Sean Connery” -“Pierce Bosnan” -“Roger Moore” (9556 hits)
  • use capital letters if you want a specific word / phrase capitalization
critically evaluating web resources
Critically Evaluating Web Resources
  • Scope - purpose, relevance
  • Authority - who, organization
  • Accuracy - spelling, sources, links
  • Objectivity - advertising, bias
  • Currency - dates, links
  • Design/presentation