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NEVCOP PROJECT. 2013-14. Nevcop project. Great opportunities for metro and rural Learn Local and Adult Community Education organisations arise from the merging of the former Hume and Eastern Metro Regions. Nevcop project.

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nevcop project1
Nevcop project

Great opportunities for metro and rural Learn Local and Adult Community Education organisations arise from the merging of the former Hume and Eastern Metro Regions

nevcop project2
Nevcop project
  • Build on existing links and successful business/governance models across the region
  • Increase provision
  • Improve the quality of provision
nevcop project3
Nevcop project

North East Region – Approx114

nevcop project4
Nevcop project
  • The North East region of Victoria is home to over 260 000 people
  • Includes the Goulburn Valley, one of Australia's major fruit-growing regions with fruit and dairy products exported all over the world
nevcop project5
Nevcop project
  • Population growth over next 23 years predicted to be 1%
  • If the region’s share of overseas migrants is maintained, an additional 22,000 migrants will live in the region by 2036
nevcop project6
Nevcop project

Major cultures

  • UK
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
nevcop project7
Nevcop project
  • Retail
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Education and Training
nevcop project8
Nevcop project


  • Rural areas have experienced an increase in residents working in service industries and manufacturing
  • At the same time large towns have shown an increase in residents employed in agriculture.
nevcop project9
Nevcop project
  • Between 2006 and 2011, Victoria’s overseas born population increased by 232,125 or 19.8 per cent to reach 1,405,334. Most of this growth (88.0 per cent) was in metropolitan Melbourne where the overseas born population increased by 204,191
nevcop project10
Nevcop project

The aim of the project is to establish a network/community of practice operating primarily on-line

nevcop project11
Nevcop project

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a passion and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) provide an opportunity to create a learning community around an area of interest, to share and develop and build personal and professional knowledge and expertise.

nevcop project12
Nevcop project

Using this model we will:

  • Establish a formal network/community of practice
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop and strengthen the use of technology
nevcop project13
Nevcop project




nevcop project14
Nevcop project
  • ACFE board Learn Local registered providers
  • Providers with a Board contract
  • Providers without a contract
  • HESG registered providers at RTO’s
  • Learn Local Non-RTO Providers
  • Non Learn Local Neighbourhood Houses
nevcop project15
Nevcop project
  • The average neighbourhood house is staffed for 34.2 hours per week AND in use for around 55 hours per week
nevcop project16
Nevcop project
  • Just over 1500 people are employed in Neighbourhood Houses in our region with over 93% part time.
nevcop project17
Nevcop project
  • On average 13 people volunteer at a Neighbourhood House each week
  • The reported number of volunteer hours is close to 49 hours per week.
  • The estimated value of their contribution is $4.6 million.
nevcop project18
Nevcop project
  • 16% deliver programs/activities in facilities owned or managed by other organisations
  • 95% of Neighbourhood houses work in regular partnership with 8 organisations each week, that’s around 866 regular partnerships in our region per month.
nevcop project19
Nevcop project
  • 415 people on average use each NH each week this equates to a total of nearly 38,000 visits each week.
nevcop project20
Nevcop project
  • Neighbourhood House Infrastructure
  • 71.5% ICT training rooms/Computer labs
  • 43% Community kitchens
  • 41% Community Gardens
  • 30 % Mens Sheds
nevcop project21
Nevcop project
  • In the past 12 months NH’s were involved in close to 3,000 community events
  • Managed an average of 3.6 projects per house
  • Made an average of 6 funding applications
nevcop project22
Nevcop project
  • Lets hear about some

of these projects