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Myths and Facts About Weight Loss PowerPoint Presentation
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Myths and Facts About Weight Loss

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Myths and Facts About Weight Loss
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Myths and Facts About Weight Loss

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  1. Weight Loss Myths You Must Know in 2015 Presented By:Royalway Weight Loss Clinic Drinking Water Carbohydrates Heavy Exercise Slimming Pills Starving Snacks Skipping Meals Reduced Fat Foods

  2. Myth 1 Starving yourself is the best way to lose weight. Fact: Fasting may result in weight loss in short term. But in long term it can cause all kinds of health problems including Muscle Loss and Slower Metabolism, and that makes it even more easier to gain weight in a short period of time.

  3. Myth 2 A daily strenuous exercise routine necessary to lose weight. Fact: You don't need to spend long hours in doing heavy exercise to lose weight. You just need to burn more calories than you consume and maintain a healthy diet.

  4. Myth 3 Slimming pills can make you fit and slim. Fact: Slimming pills alone are not effective for long-term weight loss. It may have side effects and should be taken only when a doctor prescribed.

  5. Myth 4 Carbohydrates make you put on weight. Fact: If taken in right quantities, carbohydrates will not increase your weight. Eat whole grain carbohydrates (such as Brown rice and whole wheat bread) and avoid heavily processed starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastas, rice, crackers, and cereals) to keep weight gain at bay.

  6. Myth 5 Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight. Fact: Skipping meals can make you tired because of lack of nutrition. To lose extra pounds, you just need to reduce overall amount of calories by consuming healthy food.

  7. Myth 6 Cutting out all snacks can help you lose weight. Fact: Snacks are essential to maintain an active lifestyle. To avoid weight gain, you just need to take right snack. Choose fruit or vegetables instead of snacks that are high in sugar or saturated fat.

  8. Myth 7 Natural or herbal weight loss products are safe and effective. Fact: All natural or herbal weight loss products are not necessarily safe to use. In most cases, such products are not scientifically tested. There are several instances where these so called herbal products caused serious health problems.

  9. Myth 8 Drinking water helps you lose weight. Fact: Right amount of water is necessary for good health because it keeps you hydrated but just drinking 10-12 glasses of water doesn't help in weight loss.

  10. Myth 9 Healthy foods are more expensive. Fact: Buying fresh vegetables and other ingredients to cook a healthy meal is always less expensive than those high-fat, high-calorie ready to eat foods.

  11. Myth 10 Dairy products are fattening and unhealthy. Fact: Dairy products are full of nutrients, they have protein and calcium we need to build muscles and strengthen our bones. Just use Low-fat and non-fat version of milk, cheese and yoghurt, they are as much nutritious as whole milk dairy products, but contains fewer calories and low fat.

  12. Myth 11 Foods labeled 'low fat' or 'reduced fat' are good for health. Fact: Just declaring a food 'low fat' or 'reduced fat' doesn't make it healthy. Such foods may sometimes contain high levels of sugar.

  13. Myth 12 Red meat is not good for health and makes it difficult to lose weight. Fact: Small amount of lean meat is actually good for health. It contains healthy nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc.

  14. Do you want to reduce weight permanently? Royalway Weight Loss Clinic provides scientific, safe and effective weight loss treatment. Website: Call us Now: +91-9310585862 Hope you enjoyed weight loss myths revealed and weight loss myths busted in this presentation, and discovered facts and truths about diet and nutrition. Thanks