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April 23, 2010. Faculty Meeting. MEETING OF THE FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AGENDA Stewart Center Room 306, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., April 23, 2010 1. Welcome – Maryann Santos de Barona 2. Approval of the Minutes of the January 22, 2010 Meeting – Maryann Santos de Barona

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Stewart Center Room 306, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., April 23, 2010

1. Welcome – Maryann Santos de Barona

2. Approval of the Minutes of the January 22, 2010 Meeting – Maryann Santos de Barona

3. Introduction of New Faculty and Staff

4. Dean’s Office Report to the Faculty

5. Reports of Standing Committees

A. *Nominations and Elections Committee - Slate of New Committee Members, Jill May, Chair

B. *Curriculum Committee – New Course Approval , Dan Shepardson, Chair

6. New Business

A. *Approval of Candidate List for Graduation – Sidney Moon

B. *Approval of minor updates in the College of Education Grievance Procedures for Academic Personnel

C. Reports of Office and COE Related Entities (see items in packet)

7. Adjournment

*Action Items


Academic Services


Meet Our New Colleague


Meet Our New Colleague

Tana Mansfield

  • Profile
  • Degrees Held/Universities Attended
  • B.S. in Accounting, Ball State University
  • A.S. in Computer Programming, Indiana Vocational Technical State College
  • B.A. in Secondary Education Social Studies, Purdue University
  • Recent Professional Experience
  • Manager, Reifer’s Furniture. 1995-2004.
  • Purdue University Production Unlimited. 2004-2005.
  • Purdue IT Customer Relations: Contracts & Licensing. 2005-2009.
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Computers, reading, writing, crocheting, quilting, playing piano and guitar
  • Spending time with family

Admission/Retention Clerk

Office of Professional Preparation & Licensure

Education Administration

dean s office report


Santos de Barona


Dean’s office report
dean s office report1

Sidney Moon

Associate Dean for

Learning & Engagement

Dean’s office report
implement stem goes rural
Implement stem goes rural

Strategic Plan Goals 1,2,3,4

strengthen graduate programs
Strengthen graduate programs

Strategic Plan Goals 1,2,3

ncate response continuous improvement option
Ncate response: continuous improvement option


TEC Approval

May, 2010

Program Reports: Faculty

March 15, 2011 Program Reports Due

Institutional Report: NCATE Committee

Summer 2011? IR Due

Fall 2011? Online Review

Spring 2012 Site Visit

  • Conceptual framework and six standards
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Self assessment on continuous improvement
    • Candidate performance
    • Unit Assessment System
    • Field experiences
    • Diversity
  • Target performance
    • Faculty
    • Governance
repa response
Repa response
  • Elementary Education
    • Pedagogy
    • Minors
      • Reading
      • ELL
      • High Ability
      • Science
  • Secondary Education
    • Content
    • Pedagogy
      • Student teaching
      • Curriculum Development
      • Multicultural awareness and ed technology
    • Pedagogy
      • Adolescent literacy
      • Mapping and revising foundation/methods courses
build partnerships that reflect a commitment to excellence in teaching learning
Build partnerships that reflect a commitment to excellence in teaching & learning

Strategic Plan Goals 1,2,3,4

dean s office report2

Jim Lehman

Associate Dean for

Discovery & Faculty Development

Dean’s office report
office of associate dean for discovery faculty development

Today’s Update

    • External Funding Progress
    • Office of ADDFD Initiatives
    • Policy Items for Implementation
    • Looking Ahead to Next Year
Office of associate dean for discovery & faculty development

Review of Associate Dean Moon

    • A review survey was made available in February/March and data were collected from more than 50 respondents. The review committee has examined the results and is in the final stages of drafting its report to Dean Santos de Barona.
  • Online Programs and Practitioners
    • The task force was formed and met twice this semester. There continues to be substantial interest in online programs. However, the initiative is currently on hold pending clarification of University efforts to develop and support online learning.

Policies Related to Research

    • A working group has been formed and will meet on Monday to begin consideration of policies related to research for the college.
  • New Undergraduate Major
    • A working group has been formed and will meet on Monday to begin consideration of a possible new undergraduate major focused on educational research and/or learning science with an eye toward preparation of individuals for non-teaching, education-related careers
policy items for implementation

Sabbatical Leave Policy

    • See Sabbatical Leave policies and information form
    • The intent of these documents in to standardize current COE practices with respect to sabbatical leave.
  • Position Responsibilities Outline
    • See Position Responsibilities Outline description and template
    • The intent of the PRO is to provide a mechanism to annually define the roles and responsibilities of faculty members both for the purpose of documenting effort and for use in evaluating faculty accomplishments in the annual review process.
Policy items for implementation
looking ahead to next year

Graduate Education

    • The office of Graduate Studies and issues related to graduate education, with the exception of advanced licensure programs, will come under the purview of the Office.
  • Continuing Projects
    • Online programs for practitioners
    • Research policies and procedures
    • New undergraduate major
  • Office Organization
    • Support structures and organization, revised website
    • Increased efforts to support grant-seeking and grant-management
Looking ahead to next year
reports of standing committees


Aman Yadav, EDST


Jim Greenan, C&I

Johannes Strobel, At-Large


JoAnn Phillion, C&I

Deb Bennett, EDST


Brenda Capobianco, C&I

Jennifer Richardson, C&I

David Sears, EDST

Anne Knupfer, EDST

Wanda Fox, C&I Alternate


Jill Newton, C&I

Emily Bouck, EDST

Anatoli Rapoport, At-Large

Reports of standing committees

Nominations and Elections Committee

Jill May, Chair


Beginning Terms Fall 2010

reports of standing committees1

EDCI 32500 Literacy in the Primary Classroom

EDCI 32600 Literacy in the Intermediate Classroom

EDCI 52800 Human Performance Technology

EDCI 53100 Learning Theories and Instructional Design

EDCI 55600 Educational Video Game Design

EDCI 56900 Intro to E-Learning

EDCI 57700 Strategic Assessment and Evaluation

EDCI 58700 Leadership and Management in Educational Technology

EDCI 58800 Motivation and Instructional Design

EDCI 53000 English Language Development

EDCI 55900 Academic Language and Content Area Learning

EDPS 41000 Collaboration and Transition Practices for Individuals with Disabilities

EDPS 52500 Language and Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders

EDPS 57701 Characteristics of Children with Mild Exceptionalities: Advanced Level

EDPS 65500 Computers and Cognition

Reports of standing committees

Curriculum Committee

Dan Shepardson, Chair


new business1

Procedural Update Approval:

Grievance Procedure for Academic Personnel

Jim Lehman


New business