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  1. Philadelphia Visit Historic Philadelphia What kind of attractions draw people to visit certain cities? What does the title tell us about Philadelphia?

  2. Vocabulary • Government • Museum • Preserve How would you break apart theses words? Skim text and read the sentences containing the words.

  3. government government A group of people who are in charge of managing or running a country, state, or city The government passed a new law

  4. museum mu se um A building where objects of art, science, or history are kept and displayed I saw a famous statute at the museum.

  5. preserve Pre serve To keep or protect. The museum preserves dinosaur bones so they will last a long time. What is something you would like to preserve?

  6. familiar Fa mil iar to be use to You can tell the boy was familiar to the dog by the way the dog licked him.

  7. Comprehension What did you learn by reading “Historic Philadelphia” Why do people visit Philadelphia? Where might you find a passage like this one? Why would science fans enjoy the Franklin Mueum?

  8. Fluency

  9. Early Days in Philadelphia What do you predict the passage will be about? In our early days what helped people decide where to live?

  10. Pilgrims Pil grim A person who travels from place to settle in another Find the sentence containing the word.

  11. explore Ex plore To look closely at a new place or thing Find the sentence containing the word

  12. Colony co lo ny A group of people living together Find the sentence containing the word What words can you find? Use your clarifying skills Route capital birthplace

  13. Additional vocabulary Route- path natural resources- things that grow from nature that are useful to people and animals

  14. Comprehension Questions Summarize did you learned about Early Philadelphia? Was your prediction correct? What drew people to settle in early Philadelphia? What happened after the King of England gave William Penn a large area of land?

  15. Molly’s New Friend

  16. Curiosity- a strong wish to learn about something Cur i o sity Her curiosity led her to open the secret box.

  17. Realize- understand fully Real ize He realized his mistake on his test when the teacher showed him the correct way.

  18. Freedom- the state of being free Free dom The bird gained freedom when it was released from its cage.

  19. Passwords Curiosity Realize Freedom Government Musuem Preserve Pilgrim Explore colony

  20. Molly’s New Friend What are some ways people long ago prepared for winter? Skim text. What other words can you find?

  21. Comprehension • In your own words tell me what happened? • How did Molly know that cold weather was coming? • What happened at the end of the story?

  22. Fluency

  23. Passwords Curiosity Realize Freedom Government Museum Preserve Pilgrim Explore colony

  24. The Liberty Bell When you hear the words Liberty Bell, what comes to mind? Skim Text and identify any fast words. Say the words and read the sentence containing the words Skim and identify any unfamiliar words

  25. Comprehension Retell to your partner what you learned What does the Liberty Bell represent? What happened soon after the Liberty Bell arrived in America?

  26. Fluency

  27. A Trip to Remember • What kind of things might you discuss when planning a vacation?

  28. Fluency

  29. Comprehension • What happens at the beginning of “A trip to Remember” • How does Mom like to travel when the family goes on vacation? • CHART YOUR PROGRESS

  30. Read with Expression • “A Trip to Remember” • “Molly’s New Friend”