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my experience so far n.
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My experience so far…

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My experience so far…
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My experience so far…

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  1. My experience so far… in Merida, Mexico! Heather Eubank Kent State University InstitutoModerno Americano 12 March 2014

  2. My host family is amazing! From Day 1, my host family has been my rock! My host mom was the one who showed me all the ropes to getting around Merida. She is one of the most kind and caring persons I’ve ever met! Although my Spanish isn’t perfect and we sometimes struggle with the language barrier, I feel so supported by my host family! I can’t imagine what it would have felt like if I didn’t have them! My first day in Merida was actually my birthday. They surprised me with a little party!

  3. My school is very organized and efficient! You don’t hear that often, do you? I must be in one of the best schools in the state! There were some difficulties at first, of course. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing or how everything would work out, but after a couple weeks everything fell into place! It took a bit of time, but I eventually adapted to this crazy-looking schedule and having to be a traveling teacher, among so many other differences. The teachers and staff were very welcoming and helped me out so much, too. They are great people! And the students? These kids… I don’t even have words for how much I love them already! I’m really going to miss this school!

  4. Here are some more school-related pictures. We went on a school field trip to Valladolid and EkBalam! I really enjoyed this trip because I got to interact with the students and teachers outside of the classroom setting. Two more field trips are set for next week, too! I’m so excited to chaperone them! IMA is based on core values, like honesty, empathy, and respect. They have assemblies every two weeks to award students who demonstrate these values. How cool is that?

  5. Plus, I’ve been able to get out of the house/school and explore on my own! Carnaval festivities, cenotes, Celestun,haciendas, and more!

  6. I can’t imagine a more enriching student teaching experience than what I’ve had so far! Thanks to all of you involved with COST for making this experience possible for me and for others! (And a special thanks to Graciela, who has really gone out of her way to support me all this time. )

  7. And, of course, I have to at least mention the food. Mmmmmmm! (Were you hungry? Are you now? Sorry!)