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Point Recapture: Learning from Exams

Correlation coefficient = 0.215 N = 1424. Point Recapture: Learning from Exams. Linda Martin-Morris; Biology. The “Assignment”

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Point Recapture: Learning from Exams

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  1. Correlation coefficient = 0.215 N = 1424 Point Recapture: Learning from Exams Linda Martin-Morris; Biology The “Assignment” In the hands of Martin-Morris and Wright, point recapture is called a Post Exam Analysis (PEA). It is much more than an exam correction. To earn 25% of missed exam points, a student must: WHY BOTHER? Point Recapture: Learning from Exams • STUDENTS • Develop better classroom skills (more attentive, better attendance, get notes from friends) • Develop better study skills (Figure out where testable material comes from) • Develop better test-taking skills (read question more carefully, look at point value) • Get points back  • INSTRUCTORS • Minimize grade complaints • Lighten grading load on subsequent exams • Encourage more retention of material • Enable students toward self-accountability • Lessen grade impact to poor test-takers • Because we should care  • Find the right answer • Report where then answer was found (in lecture notes, lab manual, text book) • Describe why the answer lost credit (incomplete, off-track, or simply didn’t know) • And how the student might work to avoid a similar mistake on the final (get notes missed, read the question thoroughly) ABSTRACT Too often instructors use exams for assessment only. They can serve a far more instructive role as well. Students will learn to hate and fear exams less if they are an avenue toward learning rather than merely a tool for weeding out good test takers from bad. Championed by many outstanding educators whose emphasis is on student learning (examples - Susan Gron at University of Delaware, Robin Wright at University of Minnesota), opportunities for point recapture AFTER an exam enable students to do more than bring up their grade. Designed purposefully, point recapture opportunities facilitate better comprehension of course concepts AND better habits of mind for students future exam preparation and exam-taking experiences. THE DATA TESTIMONIAL To “What aspects of this class contributed most to your learning?”: “Incentives [like] exam extra credit”. “The Post Exam Analysis. I’m a junior and no other class I have ever taken at the UW offered anything remotely like the [PEA]. It gave me the opportunity to see what mistakes I did instead of just seeing my grade and how I did.” “The chance to assess our midterm and get some points back as well as to learn from our mistakes in preparation for the final.” N = 1583 N = 655 N = 639 The percent of improvement is positively correlated with the number of points a student earns back Students who perform exam analysis fair better on subsequent exams than those who choose not to.

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