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Lesson-Project . EARLY INVASIONS OF BRITAIN. Form: 6 th “b” School: № 7 of Yakutsk . Date: December 5 th 2008. Lesson objectives:. To revise the language material of the unit; To evaluate what was learned; To practice listening for detail;

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Lesson project


Form: 6th “b”

School: №7 of Yakutsk

Date: December 5th 2008

Lesson objectives
Lesson objectives:

To revise the language material of the unit;

To evaluate what was learned;

To practice listening for detail;

To make projects about invasions of Great Britain;

To do and present research the results.


1. Who came first to Britain?

The Celts

2.When did it happen?

Between the 6th and the 3d centuries B.C.

3.Who came next?

The Romans

4. Who came after the Romans?

The Angles and the Saxons

5. Who came after the Angles and the Saxons?

The Vikings

7. What happened in 1066?

Duke of Normandy William the Conqueror won the king of England Harold


The content of the project
The content of the project:

Who came to Britain and when?

Where did they come from?

What language did they speak?

Whom did they fight with?

What you can find today if you visit the country?

Projects presentation
Projects’ Presentation:

1. Team“The Celts”;

2. Team “The Romans”;

3. Team “The Anglo-Saxons

and the Vikings”;

4. Team “The Normans ”.

The history of invasions in brief
The History of Invasions in Brief

The Celts

The German Tribes

The normans

The Romans



Old English


The Celts

The Celts

The Angles and Saxons


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