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  1. OSSIAN Nano Ganesh is a mobile based remote control system for switching on / off and monitoring the water pumps, by using which a farmer can be free from so many routine problems associated with timely irrigation, saving a lot of water, electricity, fuel, time and labor. OSSIAN AGRO AUTOMATION

  2. OSSIAN Awards & Universal Recogniton Grand Winner in Calling All Innovators by Forum Nokia in Barcelona, 2009. Nokia Nominee for GSMA Global Mobile Award by Mobile World Congress for worlds best mobile applications for social and economic use, 2010 ( Among top 7) MCCIA's Parkhe Industrial Merit Award in 2009, Pune, India Parkhe Award Villgro Winner of Wantrapreneur Award in the best business competition in 2009 in Water category held in Chennai. Villgro Wantrapreuner Mr.Engineer Award and citation from The Institution of Engineers, Pune, 2009. Mr. Engineer

  3. OSSIAN Key Customers of Ossian Farmers – Water Tank owners – Industries - Dairy – Grampanchayats

  4. OSSIAN Current Scenario in Rural Irrigation Need Night walks Labor & Fuel Rains A farmer needs to control & monitor the pumps timely, where he needs an appropriate technology solution. Often the pumps are installed on the river banks or canals and need to be monitored. Pump locations are often in dangerous places to visit during odd hours. Electricity is unreliable and often available at odd hours. Extremely hazardous conditions in the water pump area. One person per shift has been deligated this work with vehicle Wild Animals Indian Farmer Shock Hazard Scorching Heat Difficult Terrain Irregular Electricity

  5. OSSIAN Target Customers & The Market A total market target is in four ways- 1. Farmer 2. Rural Water Supply schemes 3. Urban 4. Industries/Domestic But right now, Ossian is focusing on agriculture and rural market • According to State Electricity Board reports , official agriculture pump connections in Maharashtra are 3.15 mn and in Punjab they are 1.7 mn. • In India, the figure approximates to @ 50 mn…Reports of Electricity boards • 2 % of an ideal market for our business i.e.INR 300 Cr. in next 5 years • Everybody has realized an importance of water. An irrigation market is now being atomized all over the world and wireless systems are going to play a vital role. But, the specific thirst & need of the market must be satisfied. • This technology is already being used in different types of industries. But its application in irrigation needs a specialized appropriate attention.

  6. OSSIAN Indian Market with key segments Assumption: An ideal market for irrigation automation is INR 15000 Cr. But, we are assuming that only 2% of an ideal market will be tapped in India. Therefore, a marketable practical revenue of INR 300 Cr is considered in above table.

  7. OR OSSIAN Offering – An innovative Technology Play Intro Block diagram & details of functioning Nano Ganesh Electric Starter Water Pump Operation : A farmer simply calls a mobile phone placed in a starter panel and punches a particular code for switching the pump on/off from any distance. Nano Ganesh gives tone feedback of water is being pumped up or availability of an electricity & even low voltage at the pump. Hence, no language barrier at all. Simple & easy to use – Even an illiterate person or farmer or a local electrician can install it with the help of an operating manual and CD. Compatible with the existing Starter and pump system.

  8. OSSIAN How problems are solved ? Customer’s Feedback and Benefits It daily saved Rs.50 of petrol and facilitated to control pumps by taking care of homes. Surekha Kawde a.p. Katraj, (MS), 4 yrs Our 2 wells are 5 km apart. We do monitor them by mobile phone from market place. SatishBhujbal, a.p. Sanaswadi, (MS), 7 yrs Do you know these facts ? If one pump of 5 H.P is efficiently used with the help of Nano Ganesh, How much stuff is saved per day ? ■Water: 1000 litre ■ Electricity: 3 Units ■ Fuel: One litre of Petrol ■Time: ??? Varies ■Labor: One person per shift ■Soil Erosion: ??? Nano Ganesh responsibly conserves… OXYGEN Water Electricity Fuel Time Labor Soil

  9. OSSIAN ……and lot more to come from Ossian ! ……Thanks !!!