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My Virtual F ieldtrip of the Zoo Atlanta PowerPoint Presentation
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My Virtual F ieldtrip of the Zoo Atlanta

My Virtual F ieldtrip of the Zoo Atlanta

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My Virtual F ieldtrip of the Zoo Atlanta

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  1. By: Abby Leif My Virtual Fieldtrip of the Zoo Atlanta

  2. 1st grade science class Anyone who likes to see different animals and their habitats they wouldn’t normally see. Target groups

  3. The purpose of the field trip: -To Educate the Students on the different species of animals. -Show the students all the different habitats from around the world these animals came from, and what they need to survive. -To have a fun, but educational trip to the Atlanta Zoo. -see the Pregnant Panda they have. Objectives

  4. The Zoo Atlanta is Located in Grant Park Atlanta Georgia. Where is the Zoo?

  5. The Zoo Began around 1889. It began as a circus that had come to town and never left. The circus had planed to go to Marietta, Ga. next but had a stall when the owner went bankrupt. Therefore the animals were left to stay for awhile and began to draw crowds. Two weeks later the animals were purchased at a public auction and donated to the city of Atlanta. Background on the ZOO

  6. Birds: There are around 10,000 species worldwide and more than 50 bird species are at the zoo, housing the worlds largest bird species. Ex: Kookaburra Mammals: There are over 5,400 mammals on earth and more than 40 are at the Zoo. Ex: Giant Panda Reptiles: There are more than 8,200 known reptiles and the Zoo had around 100 native species. Ex: Gaboon Viper Amphibians: 6,000 Known species and more than 20 species are represented at the Zoo. Ex: Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Treefrog The Animals We Will See.

  7. Check out each video of these animals at the Zoo Kookaburra : Giant Panda : GaboonViper: Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Treefrog: The Animals

  8. Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Treefrog’slives in the forest canopy. It is active at night and feeds on insects. The Kookaburra live in open and dense bushland, woodlands, rain forests. They feed off insects. Also common in Australia The Gaboon Viper is a venomous viper found in the rainforests and svannas of sub-Saharan Africa. The Giant Panda Is native to China. They live throughout several mountain ranges but sometimes in lowland areas. The habitat these Animals need.

  9. The Giant Panda The GaboonViper The Habitats The Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Treefrog The Kookaburra

  10. They Panda is named LunLun -Here is a link to take a look at it is the Zoo’s PandaCam that will be running 24 hours a day during Giant Panda Birthwatch 2013. Watch and wait with them as they get ready to welcome cub number four!  Giant Panda Birth watch !

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