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Welcome to the Virtual Zoo!

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Welcome to the Virtual Zoo! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Virtual Zoo!. Gorilla. Zoe Zodkoy. -A gorilla’s scientific name is gorilla gorilla! -Gorillas can live up to 40 to 50 years. -Gorillas were first discovered by somebody named George Scaller. -When gorillas are trying to learn they climb trees, play tag, and run around.

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Welcome to

the Virtual Zoo!



Zoe Zodkoy

-A gorilla’s scientific name is gorilla gorilla!

-Gorillas can live up to 40 to 50 years.

-Gorillas were first discovered by somebody named George Scaller.

-When gorillas are trying to learn they climb trees, play tag, and run around.

-Sometimes when gorillas are itchy they groom each other to see what they can find.


Three Toed Sloth

Brianna Ziner

-Three toed sloths have two extra neck bones so it can turn its head almost all the way around.

-The sloth’s scientific name is bradypodidae bradpus.

-They are the size of a small dog (weight 7-10 pounds).

-They eat mostly leaves and fruit and get their water from plants.

-Three toed sloths look like they are always smiling.



Jasmina Tula

Penguins can be about 16 inches.

They can live in Antarctica, New

Zealand, Australia, and Galapagos


They have feathers to keep

them warm.

Penguins are carnivores because they eat fish.

They can stay underwater for about 2 minutes.


The Bald Eagle

Yash Roy

-The bald eagle’s scientific name is Haliaeetus leucocephalus.

-It has been known to eat up to 4 pounds of food at one time.

-It eats ducks, gulls, sea birds, fish, and salmon.

-It’s the national bird of the USA.

-The bald eagle is a symbol of power and grace.

-Baby bald eagles are called bald eaglets.



Cara Pesciotta

-A giraffe’s scientific name is Giraffa Camelopardalis!

-Each giraffe has their own unique, extraordinary, different coat.

-A single baby giraffe has a hoof the size of a human head and an adult can even be bigger!

-Giraffes sleep only 30 minutes a day because they don’t want to get into danger.

-Two amazing facts about their tongues are that it is black and 15 inches long!



Tyler Pellicone

Tigers like water.

Some tigers live in the snow.

Some Bengal tigers are white.

When they play, they learn how to defend themselves.

The tiger is the most powerful cat in the world.


Liam Nixon


Their scientific name is Lake Kat.

They have a one inch claw.

Meerkats live in burrows.

They have super sharp eye sight.

They have the same jobs as we do, such as baby sitters.



Bryce Morris

-Monkeys weigh from 1 to 3 pounds, up to 77.

-Monkeys can be from 5 inches to 3 feet tall.

-Monkeys live in groups called troupes.

-Monkeys are the largest group of primates.

-Some monkeys are endangered animals.


Polar Bear

Joseph Monteleone

Polar bears can jump cracks in the ice over 20 feet wide.

They look white but their skin is black and its hair has no color.

A polar bear’s favorite food is seal blubber.

They love the snow. They roll and jump.

Polar bears have really big sharp teeth and claws.



Riley McDonald

  • -Chimps can make up to thirty-two sounds!
  • Chimps are not monkeys, they are an ape.
  • The scientific name for a chimpanzee is pan troglodytes.
  • Male chimps can weigh up to 170 pounds.
  • Chimps need to live by water, insects, and fruit.

African Elephant

-The scientific name for the African Elephant is Loxadonta Africana.

-When they swim they have built-in snorkels.

-Charging elephants run up to 25 miles per hour.

-They have two fingers on their trunk.

-Their ears are shaped like Africa.

Nicole Mardaga



Frankie Mannino

Males can reach 200 pounds and females 110 pounds.

They are powerful enough to kill crocodiles with their bear hands.

Climbing helps their muscles grow strong.

Their toes are long and flexible to help them hold objects.

They communicate to each other by using different sounds.



Their back legs are longer than their front legs.

They have dark fur around their eyes that looks like a mask.

Raccoons have a pointed snout.

Raccoons are very good jumpers.

Raccoons are at least as smart as dogs and cats.



Devin Greenhalgh

Did you know that they have shape teeth to chop fish in half ?

You can call it the tiger of the sea instead of a Barracuda.

The biggest Barracuda is found in the Western Atlantic.

The water temperatures have to be 74 to 82 degrees.

All female Barracudas lay their eggs on the reefs.


Komodo Dragon

Zachary Elwell

Komodos are the world’s biggest lizards at the length of 10 feet.

They can live in/on land and water.

Komodos are a national animal for Indonesia.

They have bacteria in their teeth that kills their prey.


Boa Constrictors

Andrew Dorfman

-Did you know that boa constrictors do not have any venom at all?

-They live in South America and Central America.

-They have light brown or cream colored bodies.

-It takes them a ½ hour to swallow their prey.

-Boa Constrictors coil their body around prey and squeeze it until it suffocates.


White Bellied Pandas

Shannon Donnelly

  • Pandas can eat over 500 bamboo sticks a day!
  • Pandas have six toes!
  • Pandas can hold things with their hands and feet!
  • Red Pandas are in the raccoon family!
  • Their fur is waterproof!

Harp Seal

Heather Devine

A Harp Seal’s scientific name is a Phoca Groenlandica.

Most Harp Seals have big black eyes.

All Harp Seals lives in groups.

Adult Harp Seals have several inches of blubber to keep them warm.

Harp Seals are 5 feet (1.5) tall.


Kallee Collins


-A koala is a animal that loves trees.

-Koala’s scientific name is Phascolarctos cinereus.

-Koalas have a pouch that you can’t really see.

-Koalas come out of the pouch at 1 year old.

-Koalas love eating eucalyptus leaves.



Alex Calabrese

-Coyote’s fur is mixture of gray, tan, white, and sometimes black.

-Coyotes have green wolf looking eyes.

-Coyotes have a bushy tail and pointed face.

-Males are larger then females.

-Coyotes are the size of a small Dalmatian.



Mackenzie Bell

  • -A dolphin’s scientific name is the Tursiops Truncates!
  • -30 min after dolphins are born they learn to swim.
  • Before dolphins are born they have whiskers but after birth they lose them.
  • Dolphins can swim up to 30 miles per hour.
  • A 550 pound dolphin will eat up to 50 pounds of fish a day.

Zane Bachmann


Lions have a scientific name that is panthera leo.

Lions have sharp teeth.

Lions live in Africa.

Females weigh about 300 pounds males weigh 400 pounds.

Males eat females, and cubs last.


Thank You for Coming to the Virtual Zoo!

Big, small, furry, scaly;

Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mollusks, and Mammals;

We’ve researched and learned so much,

About all of our animals.

Thank you for coming to our Virtual Zoo!

We hope you’ve learned a lot too!