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ICT Pomerania

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ICT Pomerania

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  1. Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98 81-451 Gdynia tel/fax: +48 58 782 41 32 Info@ictpomerania.pl ICT Pomerania ICT Pomerania First ICT cluster in Poland Presenter: Mr Marcin Jablonski

  2. Who we are? • We are first ICT cluster in Poland. • Project has started in January 2006 • Now it is more than 80 companies – 150 till the end of 2007 • ICT Pomerania cooperates with 5 universities

  3. Key areas • Software production • Semantic systems • Telecommunication – Mobile WiMAX • IP Telephony • Electronics / microelectronics • Community platforms, internet television, media convergence • New workgroups are in development stage

  4. ICT Pomerania Why Pomerania? Pomerania is one of the biggest areas of competence in software and hardware development in Poland. We have here more than a thousand companies working with informatics, electronics and telecommunication. Great infrastructure, server side, technical support, four public universities and more than ten private high grade schools. Airport in Gdansk [and next is being prepared in Gdynia], 300 km to the western border of Poland. Two harbours with passenger communication to Scandinavia.

  5. Why ICT Pomerania: world tendences Bulgaria is on 13th place on a list of the best markets to invest and is able to use this feature perfectly – we are on 5th place! Forbes Magazine announced that Sopot [in group of small cities] and Gdynia [in group of medium size cities] are winners in a ranking of most attractive cities in Poland to make business ! Western consulting companies during visits here are surprised – culture, mentality, production model – we not only works on the same ideology, we do have the same way of thinking and we are geographically closer than Ukraine or Romania. Even India companies has placed their R&D institutes in Pomerania region – ZenSar.

  6. Why ICT Pomerania: manpower We produce more than 500 engineers every year in area of ICT. Each year we have about 2400 students interested in practice, trainings, etc. We do cooperate with universities to modify or prepare special type engineers for future projects or market tendeces.

  7. Why ICT Pomerania: strong group of partners Mapped knowledge about key areas of competences, easy to find appropriate parter, seller, co-producer, outsourcer, Advanced technologies in use, ready for implementation products, Strong teams of experts, generally well integrated network of cooperative companies, Many companies working with foreign markets, with experiences in cooperation with foreign partners [general no language barrier].

  8. PresentActivities SPO RZL [development of manpower] 2.6 - Innowacje Gdynia – development of innovation in Gdynia. INTERREG IIIC – Sea cluster - partner in project InterMareC IVC – Sea cluster – partner in project (start-up stage). EUROBALT – Asossation of regions of Baltic Sea Seagull – distant learning development

  9. About us Pomerania: Advantage Through IT 26 September 2007The northern region of Pomerania is determined to boost its development by giving priority to information technology. The region's advantages include a well-developed science and technology park, the country's largest IT cluster, and highly efficient computer systems. http://www.warsawvoice.pl/view/15951

  10. Partners Polish Agency of Business Development (PARP)‏ Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ)‏ Pomeranian Innovation Centre City of Gdynia University of Gdańsk, Technical University of Gdańsk, Sea University in Gdynia, Polish-Japanese Technical University in Gdynia, Business and Administration University in Gdynia, Centre of the Transfer of Technology in Gdańsk Intercluster Asossation Cluters: Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Lituania, Latvia, Kaliningrad Region of Russia Federation Paris Chambre de Commerce et Industrie Vienna IT Agency

  11. EU FUNDS for 2008Through Clusters' Eyes • Operating program innovative Economy • Regional Operating Program - related to provinces

  12. Operating Program Innovative Economy5.1 Action. Supporting cooperative connections about more_than_regional meaning • Initiatives of innovative clusters will be supported in this program, focusing on the cooperation with the research-scientific organizations. • Amount of the subsidy: • Investment part (including field of consulting for SMEs) – up to 20 000 000 PLN • Training part – up to 1 000 000 PLN • Operating and administrative costs – to the 50% • Minimum own contribution: • 30% for investment plans • 55% for training plans

  13. Regional Operating Program1.3 Action Transfer of technology and the innovation • Maximum value of the subsidy • 1 000 000 PLN

  14. Projects • ConnectonPoint.eu • Communication platform • ConnectionPoint.pl • Cluster Excellence Platform

  15. Q&A Marcin Jabłoński m.jablonski@ictpomerania.pl mobile: +48501134311