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New Spain, New France, and New Netherland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Spain, New France, and New Netherland. Colonization. Push vs. Pull Factors. Push Factor – Condition that drives people from their homeland Pull Factor – Condition that attracts people to move to a new area. Northwest Passage.

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Push vs pull factors
Push vs. Pull Factors

  • Push Factor – Condition that drives people from their homeland

  • Pull Factor – Condition that attracts people to move to a new area

Northwest passage
Northwest Passage

  • Throughout the 1500’s, many European nations continued to look for the Northwest Passage - waterway through or around North America. (push or pull)

  • Why would they look for the northwest passage?

New spain south and central america fl tx
New Spain (South and Central America, FL, TX)

  • Spain had men named conquistadors (conquerors) who went to the new world for wealth, power, and territory

  • Conquered the Aztecs and Incas with superior military equipment.

New spain s government
New Spain’s Government

  • At first, Spain let the conquistadors govern the lands they conquered.

    • However, they were poor leaders

  • Spanish king set up a strong system of government.

    • Set up a code called the Laws of the Indies

      • Three types of settlements: pueblos, presidios, and missions

Settlement and people
Settlement and People

  • Pueblos were towns, presidios were forts, and missions were religious settlements.

  • They also set up social classes.

    • Peninsulares - born in Spain (highest class)

    • Creoles - People born in America to Spaniards (well-educated)

    • Mestizos - mixed Spanish and Indian

    • Indians - conquered people

New spain s treatment of native americans
New Spain’s Treatment of Native Americans

  • Spanish colonists needed workers for their ranches, farms, and mines.

  • To help them Spain gave them encomiendas - land grants that included the right to demand labor or taxes from the Indians

  • Death toll continued to rise so the Spanish looked across the Atlantic to Africa (slave trade)

New france miss river to la
New France (Miss. River to LA)

  • Unlike Spain, New France had little gold or silver.

  • The French profited from fishing, trapping, and trading.

  • The French also brought Catholic missionaries who taught Native Americans about Christianity.

New france s government
New France’s Government

  • Similar to New Spain

  • French king controlled the government and a council appointed by the king made decisions.

Treatment of native americans in new france
Treatment of Native Americans in New France

  • Unlike New Spain, the French traded with the Native Americans.

    • Traded knives, kettles, and cloth for furs and skins.

    • Native Americans even taught the French survival skills.

    • Some French men married Native American women.

New netherland ny
New Netherland (NY)

  • The Dutch sustained their way of life through the fur trade and from having ports.

  • One of the most famous ports was that of New Amsterdam (NYC).

    • Brought the custom of ice skating and Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus).

    • Used Dutch words like cookies, yacht, boss, sleigh, and more.

Government in new netherland
Government in New Netherland

  • The people of New Netherland were overseen by a leader but for the most part followed the same laws as they would in the Netherlands.

Treatment of native americans in new netherland
Treatment of Native Americans in New Netherland

  • Like New France, the Dutch traded with the Native Americans.

  • They sought alliances (agreement between nations to protect one another) with the Native Americans, just like the French, so that they could control the fur trade.

    • Dutch – Iroquois

    • French - Huron

Impact on native americans
Impact on Native Americans

  • What do you think the impact would be on the Native Americans?

Advanced blog posting
Advanced Blog Posting

  • How might Native Americans feel about new people arriving in their homeland and how might their lives change?

  • Write at least 1 paragraph on your blog.