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  1. ‘Voice’ Rachel Langford

  2. Rock/ POP Genre • My music Genre is Rock/Pop • It is a popular music genre in todays society, and is upcoming • Research shows popular artists in the Rock/Pop genre – Michael Jackson, Shakira, Maroon 5, Phil Collins, AvrilLavigne, p!nk and more • Some magazines in this genre – Pop ‘N Rock, Top of the Pops, Classic Rock, NME, Q, POP, We <3 Pop • Mix of light and catchy pop lyrics in guitar-based rock songs • Slower and mellower form of rock music • Different artists lean can lean more to a different genre, (P!nk - pop, and Phil Collins – Rock • It is an upbeat variety of rock music • My magazine is going to be based on both genres, as well as the mixed Genre

  3. Unique Selling Point • Is going to be for the MUSICIANS/ARTISTS, not so much the fans of the genre of music • Chose the magazine title ‘VOICE’ as its for those who are want to become famous musicians/ artists • For those who want to make it on their own without the aid of a reality TV show • Going to feature: • Tips • Jobs • Articles on Artists of similar genre, who made it on their own accord

  4. Target Audience • My target audience is: • Young Musicians/ Artists (Aged 15 – 25) - both sex’s • Want to be famous (are from a normal background, working towards their ‘dream’ job of making music – middle class) – without reality TV • Those who’s music focus’ around the Rock/ Pop genre • Those looking for gigs/ jobs/ advice on where to go from where they are already • This could also be a magazine for fans of this genre, to widen my target audience

  5. Rock/ POP Magazines Most magazines on the market – either Rock or Pop Focus on the ‘Classic’ magazines – don’t want to be too focused on groups such as 1D (used reality TV) All have similar artists (want to use a mix, more obscure artists) Have a similar layout for both magazines - title at the top, big photo in the middle All these magazines on the genre and artists who have all ready made it – not those who are inspired by the genre and want to pursue it They usually come out once a month and are aimed at young teens, so the price range is around £2.50

  6. The Stage The Stage is a magazine for upcoming Actors and Actresses Contains articles on actors who have already made it, how to make a CV, headshots, what makes a good actor etc Contains jobs, and places to go for auditions Also there is Amateur Stage which is for new actors, who have little or no experience before The stage have a magazine and a newspaper, the newspaper is released weekly free, the magazine is released monthly and costs £1.80