Gridpp 11 th collaboration meeting networking current status
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GridPP 11 th Collaboration Meeting Networking: Current Status. Robin Tasker 14 September 2004. Network Objectives. 1. To bring the technology of very high rate/long distance data transport to practical use in experimental production environments (both current and

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Gridpp 11 th collaboration meeting networking current status

GridPP 11th Collaboration MeetingNetworking: Current Status

Robin Tasker

14 September 2004

Gridpp 11 th collaboration meeting networking current status

Network Objectives

1. To bring the technology of very high rate/long distance data transport to

practical use in experimental production environments (both current and

LHC experiments); and to demonstration of one or more UK HEP

experiments being able to regularly transport data at rates in excess of

500 Mbit/s and preferably 1 Gbit/s.

2. To exploit the UKLIGHT infrastructure to utilise switched dedicated circuits

between major centres including UK Tier1 and 2, CERN and FNAL.

3. To participate in EGEE oriented network monitoring service developments

and deployment within the UK, and development of diagnostic engines for

Grid operations

4. To maintain the strategic relation which HEP holds with all relevant major

Network authorities globally.

5. To provide PPNCG support and other work as specified

High performance networking
High Performance Networking

  • The Details

  • Life of a Packet: Setting the scene.

  • Just What is OC-48?: Explanation of

  • networking terms

  • TCP Theory

  • TCP - Changes for High Speed Transmission

  • End-User Systems - NICs and Operating

  • System Kernel

  • Discs and Other Server Issues

  • LANs & Firewalls

  • Security Aspects

  • Diagnostic Steps in diagnosing performance

  • problems

  • An application Viewpoint: How do

  • applications view the network?

High performance networking1
High Performance Networking

  • Workshop Summary

  • Hosted by UCL

  • Organised by UCL / Daresbury Laboratory

  • Financial support from PPARC

  • 45 advance registrations

  • 2 attendees from the US including

  • Jenny Shopf from the Globus Team at

  • Argonne.

  • Delegates from a diversity of science

  • application areas, e-Science projects

  • and support roles.

  • Presenters from various UK institutions,

  • with European representation from CERN.

  • To be repeated at NeSC in March 2005

Coming Soon!!!

Networks for Non-Networkers

Early March 2005, NeSC


….a great deal of interest in the general themes addresses by the workshop:

using an understanding of networking issues, common problems, diagnostics

and fixes to "bring high performance to (your) applications".

Gridpp 11 th collaboration meeting networking current status

High Performance Networking

Future Activity

High Speed Cookbook: development using the information here and available from

MB-NG, DataTAG and elsewhere

Uk light
UK Light

UK Access Network



















UK national R&D network infrastructure

National Interconnection

International Connectivity






Lancaster + DL


Uk light1
UK Light

Early Adoptors

1. CDF : Connecting UCL - FNAL

1 Gbit/s sustained using new UDP protocol (UDT)

2. Radio Astronomy – eVLBI

eVLBI will connect up to 6 Telescope to JIVE in real-time for 2 years as a proof of concept

Uk light2
UK Light

1. UK LIGHT Town Meeting

Organiser: Pete Clarke

Within the Programme:

Technology for High Performance Networks

Speaker, Robin Tasker

Live Demo of capability UCL-FNAL

Presenter: Nicola Pezzi

2. ESLEA: Exploitation of Switched Lightpaths for eScience Applications

Delivering the Potential of Optical Networking with UK Light

“The following applications can benefit immediately from UK Light:

HEP :Particle Physics Data transfer

VLBI: Radio Astronomy Very Long Baseline Interferometry

HPC: Computational steering and Visualisation

eHealth: Oncology Remote Visualisation”

Project Kick-Off Meeting : Thursday 16 September

Gridpp 11 th collaboration meeting networking current status


Overview of Architecture Requirements

Requirements to be served

Network R&D

Service Dev.


Teaching & Learning


IP production network

Test –


Test –


Special purpose


Flexible transmission platform

Grid network monitoring
Grid Network Monitoring

Current partners:

Current collaborators:

Current status:

Reported at AHM, Nottingham. Presentation attracted ~50 people, diverse interest

See: for details, also on GridPP Web site

Grid network monitoring1
Grid Network Monitoring


1. Tidying / consolidating existing infrastructure

2. Publication of performance data to Grid apps and middleware, via web/Grid services

in conjunction with GGF NM-WG. Co-chaired by Mark Leese.

Dealing with the What? Where? When? And How? Questions

Goal is prototype operation using the UK Infrastructure by Christmas, but in close

collaboration with EGEE JRA4, DANTE and UKERNA

3. Working in the GGF GHPN-RG, specifically in the

thread net-services modelling the

network as a Grid resource allowing

“advance reservation” etc.

4. Developing a network Diagnostic Tool Starting consultation with GOCs (e.g. e-Science)

and EGEE. Likely to involve collaboration (or at least liaison) with Internet2, and DANTE

via EGEE