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The Holocaust

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The Holocaust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Holocaust. Examine the Statistics of the Holocaust:. In What nation were most Jews sent to the Gas chambers? Poland: Why? Polish anti-semitism. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising:. 1943 Passover, the SS planned to liquidate the Warsaw Ghetto 55,000 Jews fought them for a month

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The Holocaust

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    1. The Holocaust

    2. Examine the Statistics of the Holocaust: • In What nation were most Jews sent to the Gas chambers? • Poland: Why? • Polish anti-semitism

    3. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: • 1943 Passover, the SS planned to liquidate the Warsaw Ghetto • 55,000 Jews fought them for a month • The Polish resistance refused to help them • 7,000 died in the fight • The rest were sent to the treblinka death camp & other concentration camps.

    4. Examine the Statistics of the Holocaust: • In What nation were the Least jewssent to the Gas chambers? • Denmark Why? • Danish resistance

    5. Saving Denmark’s Jews • 1940: German Invaded Denmark • 1943: Hitler ordered the rounding up of Danish Jews • Danish people hid their jews & smuggled jews into neutral Sweden • Largest collective resistance against the Nazis

    6. Timeline of Holocaust • 1933: Dachau 1st Concentration camp for Political Prisoners • 1935: Nuremberg Laws: Jews • were not allowed to Own property • Were not allowed to Attend school or university • Must wear a Yellow Star of David at all times

    7. 1938 Kristallnacht—Destruction of Jewish homes & Businesses, attack on jews • 1940: Auschwitz-- 1st death camp • 1944: Death Marches began

    8. Map of Holocaust Concentration & Death Camps

    9. What factors led to the Holocast?

    10. Factors • Anti-Semitism • The Aryan Ideal • Hitler Youth • Imperial Colonization • Master Race • Nazi Party • Propaganda • Racism

    11. How well do you understand Totalitarianism?

    12. Unit 9 ReviewTotalitarianism

    13. Both Fascism and Communism are _____ governments Clue Answer Completism Totalitarianism

    14. GerdaWeissmann survived the death march because her father made her wear her ____ when the family was being sent to the camps Clue Answer No frozen toes Ski boots

    15. Great Britain successful stood alone against Hitler because of the leadership of this Prime Minister Clue Answer British Bulldog Winston Churchill

    16. The Battle of Britain was fought between the British and German ___, It was also known as the Answer Air Force Clue Not land or sea Blitz

    17. these European nations became Fascist dictatorships before the outbreak of WWII Answer Clue Italy, Germany, Spain Mussolini, Hitler, Franco

    18. the Nazi secret police Clue Answer Not SS or SA Gestapo

    19. this nation became the first communist government in 1917 Clue Answer Formerly Russia USSR

    20. World War II began when Germany invaded Clue Answer Warsaw is capital Poland

    21. Hitler used German anger over this treaty to help him rise to power Clue Answer Louis XIV’s palace Versailles

    22. Russians who didn’t cooperate with Stalin were sent to slave labor camps called ___. Most of these camps were located in what region of Russia? Clue Answer Not death camps, Coldest region Gulags, Siberia

    23. at this conference Britain and France allowed Hitler to take Sudetenland from ____ this is an example of ____ Answer Clue German City, South of Poland, whimpishment Munich, Czechoslovakia, Appeasement

    24. alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II Clue Answer Geometric Powers Axis Powers

    25. the last Russian Tsar Clue Answer Alexandra’s Husband Nicholas II

    26. were the first 2 communist leaders of the Soviet Union Clue Answer L & S Lenin & Stalin

    27. this style of warfare allowed Hitler to quickly defeat Poland and France. Its success was based on the use of what two weapons? ____ and ____ Clue Answer Lightning War, Armored & winged Blitzkreig, Tanks & planes

    28. the first fascist dictator came to power in 1922 when his blackshirtsmarched on the Italian capital: ____ Clue Answer Il Duce Mussolini

    29. Nicholas II’s downfall was to get Russian involved in this war Clue Answer The Great War World War I

    30. Soochow was a Japanese prison camp for what group of civilians? Clue Answer Nationality British

    31. in 1935 Hitler passed these laws against jews taking away their property, denying them the right to go to school and requiring them to wear a ____ Clue Answer German City shape Nuremberg, Yellow Star

    32. In 1931 the Japanese invaded what Chinese province Clue Answer _ an _ _ uria Manchuria

    33. Hitler and Mussolini used this Civil War as a dress rehearsal for WWII Clue Answer Between Nationalists & Popular Front Spanish

    34. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust? _____ How many people were murdered by the Nazis? ____ Clue Answer Points on Star of David, plus 5 6 million, 11 million

    35. during it Pablo Picasso painted a depiction of the destruction of the town of ____. What artistic style did he use? Clue Answer _ uerni _ _ Squarism Guernica, Cubism

    36. Operation Barbarossa was Hitler’s biggest mistake, it was the invasion of Clue Answer Napolean did it too USSR

    37. symbol of the Nazi Party Clue Answer Swastika

    38. Russian farmers from the Ukraine who resisted the ____ of farms. their liquidation caused 6 million Russians to starve to death in the _____ Clue Answer Kulaks, Collectivization, Murder Famine _ ula_ s, Gatherization, Killer starvation

    39. this “Ultra Secret” machine allowed the allies to decode the Axis messages Clue Answer Eni _ _ a Enigma

    40. in 1938 Hitler united this nation with Germany in the Anschluss Clue Answer Vienna Austria

    41. Russian monk whose influence over the Czarina Alexandra would help destroy the people’s trust in her and her husband Clue Answer _ as _ utin Rasputin

    42. form of government where the national government takes control of all aspects of public and private life Clue Answer Completism Totalitarianism

    43. hostility towards or prejudice against Jews Clue Answer Anti-middle easternism Anti-semitism

    44. term used by the Nazis to mean a superior race--white Nordic European typically blond, blue-eyed and tall Clue Answer _ ry _ n Aryan

    45. organization for indoctrination of German children to become soldiers and SS who were “born to die for Germany.” Clue Answer Fuhrer Teen Hitler Youth

    46. Hitler wrote his book Mein Kampf while serving his prison term for this failed coup Clue Answer Bar Coup Beer Hall Putsch

    47. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of Nazi Clue Answer Deliberate lies Propaganda

    48. ”Night of ____ _____”—November 9, 1938 Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany and Austria Clue Answer Vandalism Broken glass, Kristallnacht

    49. Schutzstaffel or protection squad, elite black-uniformed military unit loyal only to Hitler who were used to arrest and murder Jews and operate the concentration camps Clue Answer Not Brownshirts SS

    50. the defeat of the German army at this Russian city became the turning point in the Eastern front during World War II Clue Answer City of Man of Steel Stalingrad